Taiwan 民宿 – 窝垦丁 米克诺斯 Mykonos (Day 5 & 6)

Date: Dec 11, 2013

We finally arrived in 垦丁.

I actually screw up the booking in 垦丁. I booked quite a nice hotel (布兰卡) for the rest of the gang. When the owner says he got a B馆 which is newly build, I did not check the photos and say Yes.

So me and another family end up getting a very modern room on top of a small hill (lots of stone stairs).

Room is clean and ok.

But it is connected to toilet with no air exchanger and no door. Just a blind. Also it is connected to shower room with blinds too. So imagine you shower, the humid air will spread out into the bed room. Imagine 6am you go toilet, the smell of you poo poo will go into the toilet. Wahaha! So we decided to exchange the room.

Luckily they still have 2x 2pax bedroom and a 4pax bedroom down at MyKonos.

The bed & breakfast is called Mykonas. Named after a Greek island.

The room is quite small. But cozy.

The view from outside is not too bad. Children can play here.

The living room is quite ok too. Two big long sofa chair for kids to lie down.

We usually take breakfast from outside. Look at the view.

Kids love having breakfast outside.

The hotel staffs will serve breakfast at 8:30am.

We just simply enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

The garden is quite nice too.

At night the kids pull their table and chair out into the living room and play monopoly deal.

This is where I shoot “I Fly” photograph. Wahahaha. Quite cool isn’t it?

We stayed two night here.

Breakfast is very healthy.

Kids are playing all kinds of game.

So we specially made an angry bird.

We wrote all out names and dates that we came.

And we leave the angry bird there. If you got a chance to stay here, you will see this.

Small, but nice and cozy place. Good for small families (maximum 2).

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