Family Photos – Biking Together (Family Outing)

Date:  Nov 17, 2013

Last Sunday was the first time four of us truly cycling together on two wheels bikes.

So, let’s take a lot of photos.

Finally, Kay Kay gets to cycle with mommy on the road.

IMG 1957

Just in case, you wonders how I took the family photos.  I took it with my iPhone 5S together with my Muku Shuttr.

Here, we just arrived at the Ulu Pandan Canal there.

IMG 1970

This is the first day he ride on the PCN (Park Connector Network).  He felt so happy about it.

IMG 1976

Look at him a bit kalang kaput handling the downhill ride.  Wahahaha It is a good experience for him.


Are you thirsty?

IMG 1989

We ride to near Pandan Loop here.  A lot of people are fishing here.

IMG 1994

Hey look, they caught a cat fish.

IMG 1991

Can you see the cat fish?

IMG 1992

Finally Mommy is back to cycle together with us!

IMG 1998

After we conquer the winding bridge, let’s take another photo. 

IMG 2008

All of us on the bikes.  Victory photos.

IMG 2012

Thumbs Up photos.

IMG 2017

Let’s take a movie clip on how Kay Kay handling the two wheel bikes.

More info about his new IslaBikes is available here.  



And we just reach the Commonwealth Ave, opposite Tradehub 21.  Let’s take another family photo.

IMG 2042

We played at the old train track there.

IMG 2052

This is always our favourite spot of playing.  The old train track road.

IMG 2062

Another great shot!

IMG 2070

I am very hungry.

IMG 2090

We ate at a near by restaurant.  Salvo’s Pizza Wine Bar.  

IMG 2080

The Merlot from Italy is excellent.

IMG 2077

And all of us safely made it back to our place.  And what a wonderful experience for Kay Kay.

IMG 2092

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