Kay Kay First Cycling Trip on The Road

Date:  Nov 17, 2013

Kay Kay is ready for the big league today.

IMG 1807

Today we are going out on to the road.

IMG 1810

Yeah!  Mommy still in US, and Daddy brought us out to the Ulu Pandan Canal there.

IMG 1811

Kids!  Riding on the centre of the road is a big NO NO.  So, I have to teach them and correct them on this.

Must always keep to the left side.

IMG 1813

OK.  Cyclist must at all time wear helmet.  (Jay Jay forgot to bring the helmet and I lazy to go back and get it).

Police will catch those cyclist without helmet.

So, I have to be very careful watching over Jay.  Although he is a very good rider now, but on the street, still, he needs to wear it.

IMG 1819

I love this photos with very green trees background.

IMG 1817

Let’s move on.

IMG 1824

We are almost there.

IMG 1830

Wait Daddy!  I got some sharp thing in my shoe.

IMG 1831

And we finally reach here.  The Ulu Pandan Canal.

IMG 1836

The IslaBikes is a single gear system.  So, young Kay Kay will have to pedal very hard to keep up withJay Jay.

IMG 1837

Its a really good feeling to watch both kids cycling together.

IMG 1840

Where are we now?

IMG 1844

And we are on our way back.

IMG 1852

Today, he behalf very well.  He kept to the left at all time.  Listen to instructions at all time.  And I am very proud of him.  I am also proud of his brother Jay Jay who look after him along the way too.  Today is Kay Kay first ride on real road.  

IMG 1853

Below are some of the video footages on Kay’s first ride on the road.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/GMQZk_ON4u8

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/tqEhivo-QiQ

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/iTnO1R3bhlA

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