Jay Jay & Car Wash

Date:  Nov 9, 2013

Where does he come up with so much energy after his CMA, Badminton, Taekwondo grading, robotics class, and he still have strength for washing car?

IMG 1404

Jay:  “Mommy, I wash your car for $10″

Mommy: “What?  Why so expensive?”

Jay: “Caltex collect $8 for washing and $5 for vacuum.”

Mommy:  “So?”

Jay: “I wash car $9, vacuum car $1″

Kay Kay eating his biscuits there watching.

IMG 1409

This is what the kid learn from Primary 1.  The last subject is money.

IMG 1410

It is a bad deal. 

But since our son offer it.  Let him take the job la. 

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