Ukulele & The Boys

Date:  Oct 20, 2013

Today, I bought a Ukulele for Jay Jay.

He said he wanted to learn.  

IMG 9772

The size is slightly smaller than mine.  And it is made in China.  So the quality may not be good compare to mine.

IMG 9824

Let’s tune it.

IMG 9815

Cool!  It comes with “Teach Yourself To Play Ukulele”.

IMG 9840

And let’s start teaching him C & F cord.  And the D-D-D-D strumming and the D-DU-DU-DU strumming.

IMG 9834

He seems to love it.

IMG 9846

My problem came when the young one also want to learn.  

IMG 9865

After testing both the ukulele.  Jay Jay is more comfortable with my ukulele.  So, I let him use mine.

IMG 9861

As for Kay Kay, he shall have the new ukulele.

IMG 9868

 OK.  Let’s hear it!  Jay & his first try on Ukulele…

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