Jay Robotics – A Moving Robot & Newton

Date:  Oct 20, 2013

Yesterday, Jay Jay continue to learn his Lego Robotics at WonderWorks @ Liang Court.

[A Short Story]

Mommy:  I am flying to US tomorrow.

Jay:  Where is US?

Mommy:  (take a cup) We are here, and US is behind here.  That is why when you have sun, I am at night time.

Jay:  Oh, you are 180 degree behind.

Mommy:  (Shocked) How you know what is 180 degree?

Jay:  Teacher Enzo teach me la.


Yes, although they have not learned all these concepts from Primary One syllabus, but because of this Robotics class, Jay has previewed and learn the concepts of algebra.  HaHaHa.  He knows what is 90 degree, he knows what is 180 degree means.  

Sometimes ago, he also know what is the different between 2.0 and 2.5 and 2.6 power.   So, he also previewed the concept of fractions.

All from this Robotics class.

So, let’s see what are they teaching this time.

Something about degree… and a arrow pointing downwards.

 IMG 9721

And he is building a 3-legged robot.

IMG 9720

So, the task is to move only 1 leg.  And then move enough to push the robot forward.  Too much force will make the robot lean down forward.  Too little force will make robot loose balance and fall backwards.  So, there is no error of margin.  It has to be precise.  

IMG 9715

Wow… look at the number of lines of the codes… 3-4 lines … This is the first time he design such as a complicated robot move.  Not using wheels but movement of the arm and legs.  

IMG 9727

And its done!  This is Jay Jay’s robot Vs. Joe’s robot.  What a cool robot.  I like!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/80pBAEE-8VU

At the end of the class.  Teacher Enzo asked.

1)  Which Scientist they have learned today.  ==> Sir Isaac Newton

2)  What he discover?  ==> Gravity and F=Ma

3)  How he discover?  ==> A falling apple

4)  Why it is important?  ==> too much force cause the robot loose balance as gravity pull the robot body down forward.  too little force cause the robot loose balance backwards as the gravity pull the robot down behind.  A robot body has mass, and it is the gravity force that pull him down.  So, the power supply to the motor of the moving leg has to be precise.

May be I am a GEEK father.  But I am very tempted to send him here…

Screen Shot 2013 10 20 at 7 44 54 AM

Yup.  Learn BASIC.  For 7 years old to 12 years old kid.  Learn how to write BASIC computing language.  

OK.  I will sent him there.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
 Screen Shot 2013 10 20 at 7 45 04 AM

Don’t forget.  Teacher Enzo’s Space Invention Camp is also here.  4 slots.  And they build rocket.  Check out the videos down at the page.


Screen Shot 2013 10 20 at 7 47 12 AM

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