3rd Outing @ JCC Executive Course

Date:  Sep 16, 2013

Last Friday, it was Jay Jay’s 3rd outing at JCC Executive Course.

IMG 7439

Hitting balls at driving range will not let you see what is your problem.  Only when you go to the golf course, and you hit so many balls, then, you can remember what you did wrong and where to improve.

You see that tall kid, he is 13 years old.  Very tall.  And he has completed his 10 lessons.  But I think Jay Jay hit better than him.  Because the first two balls he hit and slide to the right.

IMG 7443

Are you ready Jay?

IMG 7444

OK.  Let’s practise swing with your Cobra AMP+ Driver with MyFly.  This is the second time he uses this.  The length is a bit long, but it is OK for him just to handle it.

IMG 7446

Let’s tee off from the Blue tee.  HaHaHaHa.  (Save time, so he is not playing red tee today).

IMG 7449

Slowly swing back.

IMG 7450

Swing seems OK.  But the turning still missing a little bit.

IMG 7452

Check this out.  Almost identical swing with the Iron #6.

IMG 7454

And the follow thru.  OK.  Not too bad.

First hole, he scored 5 for a par 3.  3 On 2 putts.  Blue tee.  Well done.

IMG 7455

Doing a pitching.

IMG 7460

Later 4 holes, there are something wrong with his swing.  somehow, when he practise swing very nice, but when he address the ball, his swing go hay wired.  Always tops the ball.  So, the coach remember this and will fix it in next few driving range lesson.

IMG 7466

After the game, we did not even record down any points for the next 4 hours.  It was quite packed, there are many flights playing the executive course.  May be is a Friday afternoon.

So after eating his favourite ice cream, then, we went to practise lots of putting.

IMG 7485

I explained to him, why we need to improve the putting skills.  Because, you can hit as many putts as you hit how many stroke to reach the green.  

Jay Jay loves practising the putting as he can fire a lot of different shots and figure a few things out.

IMG 7477

OK.  He needs to swing more in the Driving Range to practise more on his new Driver.

Also, some how he develops this fear of not swinging.  Strange not sure why.  

I guess need to bring him to Driving range more often to fix it.

He still love the game.

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