Kay Kay Taekwondo!

Date:  Mar 10, 2013

IMG 7908

Yesterday, Kay Kay finally “blended” into the Taewondo class.  Unlike last week, still very reluctant to follow instruction.  This week, he is kicking, jumping, running, throwing balls, and he is very happy.   Good job!  Kay Kay!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/qOCn0OmSnTw

(Click above link to view it on youtube).

Jay Jay loves his brother Kay Kay to be in the same time slot learning Taekwondo with him.

IMG 7915

When both went into the class, mommy and daddy got time to shop around.

IMG 7917

Big smile in the class…


As promised… perform will, he negotiated a transporter truck toy if he did well in his class.  Well done Kay Kay!

IMG 7922

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