How to Host a Mega Party?

Date:  Feb 16, 2013

It is almost an unthinkable thing before yesterday.  And yes, we did it!

We packed 61 people in my apartment on Feb 16.

IMG 0376

It all started from a CNY Open House message on WhatApps.  Every parent to response to the WhatApps group message whether if they are coming for the CNY Open House.  Within first few days, the list grew to the final headcount of 34 adults and 27 kids.  Wow!  The last known mega party is 46 people I think.  It was a bit of messy during the last 46 pax party during Christmas time.

So, we gained experience from the previous party.  And we held the Mega Party with success.


So, how do we do it?

Well, the first thing to do is, don’t even think about it way before CNY.  We had great time in Sitiawan, and then, when we come back to Singapore, then, we start the planning.  61 people to packed into our home.  Amazing.  

IMG 7343

Re-arranging the Kid’s play room.  All toys has been moved to the Kid’s bedroom.  So, we can create a extra food serving table top here in the play room.

IMG 7319

So, kids no longer allowed to play in this room.  So, we put some stools here, and there are comfortable sitting area, with most of the food are served here.

IMG 7367

The “Tok Panjang” (Long Table).  We placed extra two tables to our dining table.  And added 18 stools around it.  This is the area where parents can sit down and eat.  Of course, kids will have their own small table in front of the TV.  The most important thing is parents have lots of seats to sit down.

So, we end up borrowing stools and chair and table from the parents and friends.  And we end up creating more than 60 seats for guests to sit down.  And I also have 2x portable gas stove for me to cook in the dining table too.  All the quicky food like crabs, clams, can be done there.

We end up with still lots of parents standing.  But all the chairs and stools are available for them to sit.  But still, they stands.  hahaha

IMG 7280

The bed in the Kids play room has been lifted.  A train track has been build around the room, toy cars station are here…

IMG 7328

Most important thing, all these huge toys are all kept in the store room.  No one knows and no kids are allowed to drive the car here and there.

IMG 7368

My study room has been converted into TV room.  So, lots of space for kids to move around.  And I fired up my Plex Media Centre in the room, my 27″ iMac instantly become a small TV which controlled by the Apple remote control.  

IMG 7330

I also created a golf putting area.  But then, we realised it is too dangerous, as there are younger kids around  taking the putter start swinging it horizontally.

IMG 7331

Too bad, Jay Jay cannot play with his friends on this putting matt.

IMG 7285

Originally, I have this for backup.  Just in case the kids get bored.  

IMG 7332

We are glad that all the parents comes to consensus that “NO iPAD, NO iPHONE!”.  So, I also kept this away from the kids.  They will never know what it is.  hahaha luckily Jay and Kay spent some time played with it in the afternoon, and then, I explained to them that we have to keep it, and they understand. 

A big claps and cheers for the “Parent Alliance” for setting this rules.  And really that night, no iPad is activated.  And kids just run around here and there happily.  And the feeling is so nice.  Is like we never know there are iPad been invented kind of feeling.  hahaha

IMG 7297

We converted our bedroom into the third kids area.  With the piano kept in this room.  And the lego stations.

IMG 7333

Legos are all well kept in boxes.  So, should be not hard to find pieces that they want.

IMG 7334

Let’s the party begin!  So, initially looks very cool when half of the guest are here.


Kids are were they suppose to be, in one of the three rooms.


Argh… I forgot all about the giant bear!  Claire and the kids were moving the bear around with all the glass wares at the kitchen table.  Fortunately all glass wares are saved.


Then, it is time to “Lou-Yu-Shang”, so we gathered all the people here.


 Here is a nice video clip on all the adults Lou Yu Shang.  HUAT ah!


 No wonder, all the kids are queuing up.  Ice cream is here.


The kids is getting noisy trying to get their ice cream.  ahhahahaha


Some even dance once they had their ice cream.


There is a soccer match on the TV.  And all the kids now cheer for Singapore!


Its Ang Pow time.  And it is amazing to see all the kids, 27 of them lining up and all the parents distributing the Ang Pow.


 So, make the kids stand still and then, parents walk around to distribute Ang Pow.


 And then, let’s try to put 59 people (exclude the domestic helpers) in the photo frame.

IMG 0376

 We took very nice photo.


Thank you uncle Chester for taking such a wonderful photos of the hard working parents.

Group Photo CNY 2013  Parents

Thank you uncle Chester for taking such a wonder photos of the parents and their kids.  OPPA!

Oppa Shot CNY 2013

And right after the photo sessions… the parents have a new year fun!  

IMG 0377

We are playing “Charity Kids Kumon”.  Also known as Black Jack.  HaHaHaHa… 

Charity?  Two kids come with Donation forms.  So, whoever win the money goes into the charity.  hahahaha

IMG 0416

See… all money goes into Charity.  Nan Yang PS is the biggest beneficial.  And all parents have lots of lots of fun!   (Btw, gambling is bad, but for Charity, donation, is good.)

IMG 0425


IMG 7364

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