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Date:  Jan 25, 2013

I bought Jay Jay his badminton racket since 3 weeks ago, and every since, he says he loves badminton.  In his school SS activity book, he wrote down and says “I am good at badminton…”.  I was like, HUH?  How can you write down that if you only pick up the sport 3 weeks ago??  But the thing is, if the kid likes the sport, let him had the chance to be part of it.

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So, after some huge deep thoughts, I enrolled him in Singapore Badminton School and hope that he can learn the badminton sport.  Since Singapore Badminton School has a training centre at Nan Hua Primary School, it is just perfect.  So that will eat up the Saturday 9-11am timing which is still quite OK.

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Here is his new T-shirt Singapore Badminton School uniform.  After you pay the fees for 8 weeks (S$200) and the $50 registration fee, you get this t-shirt.  The coach is from China.  He has 3 assistants, mostly Singaporean.  The class size is a bit big I think may be is because it is a popular time slot.  He is trying to move other people away from 9am slot to 11am.

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He is learning the sport with his good friend, Lukas.  It is good to have a friend in there. 

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The teaching coach give them warm up, running the basketball court.  Then, she start to train them in moves.  It is important to have the “badminton moves”.


Then, he learn the crab move.  Walk like a crab.


Zig Zag move.  The kids have trouble at first in this move.  But they can learn it very fast.


This is the part I love.  Throwing the shuttlecock.  Actually this will setup the student badminton pose.  How do you throw the shuttlecock and how far can you throw.

IMG 6441

Here is how they throw the shuttlecock video.


Learn how to hold the badminton racket properly.  Now I understand how did the players always have two hands raise up.  HaHaHa

IMG 6443

They do it in a systematic way.  Learning the badminton way.  So, hopefully they can pick up the skills and have fun in playing badminton.

IMG 6447

Then, they go back upstairs practising.  The senior guys are training hard up there.  It is time to put them on test.


They also get to hit the plastic bag.  If you hit it correctly, it will have this nice smashing sounds.


That wraps up the first day of his badminton lesson.  And of course, we also book the court at Clementi Sport hall on Sunday 2-4pm to give them practising, and hope that the kids can play with the parents soon.  HaHaHaHaHaHa

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  1. Hi can I ask if he's using a junior badminton racquet? How old is he btw? I'm asking because my son is 7yo starting badminton soon and I just bought him a junior racquet. Thanks.

  2. Hi, depends how tall is he? I bought Jay a junior racquet too, and he was about 122cm. But after first lesson, the coach says better use my racquet. It was a bit longer, than it is better to train up his ball sense. May be you check with his coach on this too?

  3. Thanks Ken for swift response. Ya my son is around 122 cm now. Believe it or not. I have not met his coach haha .. I have engaged one though and will be doing our 1st session with him this Tuesday. He recommended that my son gets a junior racquet so we went hunting for one. Then the shop assistant (who plays badminton herself) was surprised I am getting a junior racquet for him. She said junior racquet meant for 3-6yo and felt my son will progress to adult racquet in 1-2 months so why waste money on junior racquet she said… I was so confused. But in the end after a few text messages with his would-be badminton coach, I decided to just get him the junior (I hope the coach doesn't ask me to switch to adult racquet after 1st lesson – I may freak out hahaha).

    Also, how do you find lessons at SBS so far? .I am also thinking of letting my son join a group class… seriously I do not know much about badminton… it was only after I engaged this coach's services that I realized there are “badminton schools around” :p

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