Jay & Badminton

Date:  Jan 11, 2013

Last Sunday, thanks to Riandy’s daddy, Jay Jay learned how to play Badminton.  And surprisingly, he loves it!  Within minutes, he can hit some shuttlecock.

IMG 5929

He gave Jay Jay a lot of drills to hit the shuttlecock, and Jay Jay slowly learned how to handle the rackets and hit the shuttlecock.  

Riandi is taking lesson on Sunday 2-4pm.  So, I am booking the court on Sunday to let him play with his friends Lukas, and Isabella or Justin So.  Let’s see if he really shows a lot of interest in this.  If yes, probably I will let him take lesson on proper badminton training.  

HaHaHa, this boy is really like me.  Badminton is happened to be a sport I am OK with while I am in Primary.  I do not have a lot of sport genes, but somehow, I like to play badminton when I was young.

Really have to thank Rusdi (Riandi’s daddy) for training Jay Jay that day.  Also thanks Lukas’ daddy continue to train Jay Jay too.  Seeing the kids playing badminton that day is a fun and lovely thing.  

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/acoemNo8EpM

Now, my job is to book the court on Sunday, 2 weeks in advance.  The courts always running out very fast.  HaHaHa

I also bought him others sport rackets i.e. Table Tennis, and Tennis rackets.  On Tuesday afternoon, after school, he will learn tennis from coach Zul along with Ashlyn, Royston and Lukas.  

He always wanted to be on Rollerblade.  So, we bought this rollerblade for him, where he should be able to use it through out his younger years.  It can adjustable to 4 size.  Now he is on size #2.

IMG 5910

From time to time, I will ask him to hit the ping pong balls against the wall… just to expose him to table tennis.  

IMG 5920

But the way I see how kids (very young kids) are taking lessons from the Chinese coach (from China), I don’t think he will stand a chance la.  HaHaHaHa… these youngster are REALLY good!  I saw a few of them training in Clement Sport Hall the other day.  They are really fast and good!

IMG 5928

I think kids in general loves to move, loves to play sports.  I can tell Jay has less interest in group sports such as basketball, football.  But he do have some interest in racket sports, so, let’s expose him to these, and see how it goes.

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