Cook with Ken – Cooking Steak with iCook

Date:  Jan 1, 2013

Happy New Year.

I used to use my favourite Orange Iron Cast Steak Pan (i.e. Le Creuset) to grill my steak.  However, there is one problem that I had, which the “smoke” it generate especially after the 1st piece of steak cooked, is a lot.  It makes the kitchen very oily, smokey too.  But the steak is good.

Today, I tried to use my iCook (from Amway) to cook the piece of steak I got from Meidi-ya.  It is not expensive steak, but hopefully the iCook can make it good.

This is what I did.  And thanks Alice’s brother, David who taught me this… 🙂

1.  I put a thin layer of “Ail & Thyme” olive oil on my iCook pan.  (From Little Provence shop at Tanglin or Raffles City, etc).

2.  Cover the pan, use small fire to heat up the pan with the olive oil.

3.  The raw steak meat is not “frozen” anymore.  It has to be 90% defrosted.  The meat has to be soft. (not hard due to frozen)

4.  After the pan is heated.  Open the cover, and then, put the raw steak meat in there for 1min with the cover.

5.  After 1min, you open the cover, and then flip the steak meat over.  Cover it for another 30 seconds.

6.  Immediately, turn off the fire, and move the pan onto a cooler place (do not leave it on the stove.  As the stove is still hot.)

7.  Take the steak out and serve it.

8.  sprinkle some salt and black pepper on top of the steak.

(by the way, I am teaching my helper to cook.  So, the following dishes all cooked by her).

IMG 5433

Ok.  Of course, you do not have the usual “checkers” coat as like you cooked from the Le Crueset.  So, I tasted it.  And the I LOVE IT!  It is interesting that how the taste of the meat is preserved within the meat itself.  Usually, when you use the Le Crueset, the meat is covered within the slightly burned coating, and I still have to use the aluminium foil to cover it and let it “rest” for a while.  But with this, all I need is 1 min and 30 seconds, and it does the same effect.  I am guessing that because you cover the pan, so, the heat is “evenly” distributed inside and that is why you need not to cook long after you flip it.  It still gives the burnt coating, but the meat flavour is very good and tasty.  The meat itself still remain juicy too.  Very interesting.  This is for people who really enjoy the “raw” steak taste with sprinkle of salt and black pepper.  (no marinates, no sauce too).  Just a piece of good steak.  

IMG 5434

So, usually, I cooked this last.  As it is very fast to cook.

Before that, I asked my helper to cook the Fuchow Red Wine Pork Belly.  

1.  Put in Sesame Oil onto the iCook pan.  (you can put a lot more sesame oil, no need just think layer… I like sesame oil).

2.  Cut a lot of long think strips of gingers.  Place a layer of gingers at the bottom.  Save some for the top.

3.  Marinate the pork belly (cut into think cubes) with the 红糟 (Fuchow Red Wine sauce).  For 10min.  When marinated, put a little bit of sugar, salt, and soya sauce.

4.  Place the marinated pork belly on top of the ginger nicely.

5.  Put some more ginger on top of the meat. 

6.  Put a small green onion leaves in it.

7.  Put 1-2 spoonful of the Fuchow red wine sauce (红糟) on top of the meat and ginger.

8.  Cover it.  Use small fire to cook.  Cook for 15-20min.

9.  Open the cover, stir fry a bit.  And cover it, and cook for another 2-3 minutes.

10.  Turn off the fire, and leave it on the stove to simmer for another 5-7 minutes.

It is very interesting.  The iCook really makes the meat taste much nicer.  🙂

IMG 5430

Garlic + Fragmented Soya Bean paste + Baby spinach.  Steam using iCook. 

IMG 5431

The sour veggie soup.  All left overs, including the turkeys on Dec 22.  Add in the Gua Cai (mustard greens) and dried chilli and water.  And it taste nice.  A very familiar taste that I used to eat when I was in Setiawan last time.  I love it!

IMG 5428

So far, I have been re-learning my cooking skills.  And so far, the result has been good.  🙂

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