Painting Fire Trucks

Date:  Jan 1, 2013

Yesterday, we are still opening the Christmas presents.  There is another paining kit.  It is a Fire Truck painting kit.  

IMG 5337

Since there is only 1 set.  So, we take a new empty canvas and I duplicate the exact outline of the fire truck onto the canvas.  These canvas, you can get from Art’s Friends.  So, we let Jay Jay paint the canvas.

IMG 5338

My kids love to paint.

IMG 5336

I think I mess up a bit on the water pipes.  Mommy, later you help me.

IMG 5339

The art kits come with some color tubes.  So, we just use the supplied color tubes for two pictures.

IMG 5340

They have to pain the fire truck this way.

IMG 5341

Jay Jay almost done with his painting.

IMG 5342

Kay Kay slowly paint his truck.

IMG 5343

After a while.  They have completed the painting.

IMG 5347

See!  We even paint the side.  We don’t waste the paints.

IMG 5348

This is Jay Jay’s art work.

IMG 5345

This is Kay Kay one.

IMG 5349

Kay Kay drew this.  Which one is nicer?

IMG 5344

It’s fun to see how they draw.  After the Art Boot Camp, Kay Kay is still slightly better in terms of colouring.  As for Jay, not the best work, but it shows his focus, and concentration, as well as his efforts and patience.  It is much better comparing to the previous him.  Bravo.  So, this two piece of art work going up to the J & K Art Gallery in their room.  

IMG 5443

Another 2 hours pass by.  🙂

IMG 5168



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