Exploring the last Unknown Railroad

Date: Dec 31, 2012

My bicycle front wheel punctured. So I will be doing my last walk for the year.

As I need to catch the kids who is on the bicycle. I decided to explore short cut!

And I finally caught up to them. And WOW!

I didn’t know there is an old train track here. I always cycle pass this small little hill under the bridge. But never came up here before.

Jay Jay: “Papa, you mean you don’t know there is a train track here?!”

This is the bridge and MRT track above. It is on top of this Ulu Pandan River. (Yes! It’s a river!)

There is this small road going up this slope.

When you go up, the old railway is there…

Look left is a small short stretch of railway.

Look right is going into bushes.

Walk up… You will reach…

Commonwealth Ave. Just opposite the fire station and the temple. Before Jalan Lempeng Nan Hua Primary School turning.

My kids love to come here and play. They love trains, and therefore they love train tracks!

Now with the improved bike, he rode much faster now. Even going short cut also cannot catch up him liao.

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