Jay & His New Bike

Date:  Dec 26, 2012

Cycling is a great sport.  It is less impact to your knee.  So, I would encourage Jay Jay to cycle more than I want him to run.

I have to thank you one of Jay’s friend’s parent who knock my head and says “I think this bicycle is too small for Jay, you need a bigger bike!”

I was like “Ya hor!  It does look too small for his size already!”

Thanks Esther!


Coincidentally, my tyre punctured again, so, I have to bring the tyre to fix, so, we went to the bicycle store on the evening of boxing day.

IMG 5096

We came here so many time and we never notice this.  There is a big bicycle wheel on top of the Trek showroom.  COOL!

IMG 5150

This is the Bike Sizing Chart.  They have a similar one at the shop there.  So, Jay Jay fit in between 20″ and 24″.  I think it needs another 12 months or so to reach to the height that is suitable for 24″.  So, let’s buy a 20″ for him first.


Buying the right bike is important for kids.  It will encourage the kid more if you bought the right bike for him.


There isn’t a lot of bike to choose for Jay.  So, we got him this one.  A 20″ bike.  His last bike was from Trek that has the reverse break technology.  So, for this bike, I won’t recommend him to use the same reverse break technology.  I want him to use a proper breaking system instead of that unique reverse break feature from Trek.  So, Jay Jay has grown up.

IMG 5154

The new Bike is a 7 gear bike.  The reason is simple, the road is not always flat.  There are two incline road from our home to the Ulu Pandan River walk there.  So, if you have a 7 gear bike, you can actually go up the slope.  So, Jay ends up getting his first geared bike.

We also install a bell, lights, and a rear mirror for him.  Just for fun la.

We installed a “Trip Computer” on it, so that Jay can see how fast he is cycling, but most importantly, track his mileage.  And I want him to learn and understand about “Distance”.  How far actually he cycle from his home to the Ulu Pandan River there.  He always tell people that he cycle very far to Ulu Pandan River, but he did not know it is actually 2.4KM per trip to the starting point of Ulu Pandan River.  🙂

IMG 5157

Of course, daddy uses RunKeeper on iPhone to keep track of my exercises.  HaHaHaHa  I would want Jay to start have an habit to keep track of his too.

Screen Shot 2012 12 27 at 6 51 22 AM

Now, here comes the tough questions.  

Kay Kay: “Why ko ko can buy a new bike, and I don’t have?”

The good thing of having siblings is that the younger one will always recycle the elder one’s bike.  But, as a parent we will need to control this situation a bit.

So, we distract him by buying a new basket, 2 new head lights for Kay Kay, and we explained to him that Ko Ko has washed his bicycle clean clean for him (the red one which Ko Ko is using before).

Kay Kay smile and happily go choose his choice of lights.

IMG 5156

And after dinner, the kids went down and cycle.  This time, Jay Jay with a proper bike.

IMG 5163

Jay Jay was so proud of his new bike.  Although it takes time to learn how to use the break, and the gear, and he has to take time to get used to the height.  But overall he loves it.  Now, he can ride bike with PaPa in East Coast Park.  HaHaHaHa

IMG 5162

See, we really make the kid wash all the bike.  And Jay happily doing it, and thinking this is part of his job scope.  HaHaHaHa

IMG 5103

This is what I am talking about… hahaha

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/taI80T7_ffg

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