Kids Supplement

Date:  Sep 15, 2012

Kay Kay, my youngest kid is known for picky mouth.  He is like a vegetarian, but he does not eat veggie, and he does not eat meat.  He likes ToFu, and 肉卷, and Milo-balls.  So, you can know how hard if we wants to feed him any medicine or supplements.

So, for example… Omega 3 – 鱼肝油

We found this fantastic Omega3 supplement.  And Kay loves it.  Why?

IMG 1473

Because it looks like a fish.  And all you need to do, is to peel the fish tail, and the Omega 3 oil will just flow into his mouth.  That is how we give him more supplement because he does not like to eat a lot a lot of things.  Unlike Jay Jay, eats everything.

IMG 1472

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