Happy New Year 2020

Date:  Jan 1, 2019

Wow, I think I am very behind in journaling my life.  Let’s do some catch up today.

Dec 31, 2019.  It was a not too bad year for me and the family.

Thanks to Sing Hai Yi, our 18 years old property – Park West Condo was enbloc successfully.  We managed to get ourselves a even better place @ Madeira.  A bit far, but it is warm and nice.  Every one likes it.


Even my cat is happy.  He can run up and down go West and go East.  Hahahaha


It is our turn to host New Year eve party.  And this shall be the first New Year party @ Madeira.  So, sure, need to write down the photo journal to remember this day.

I thought today will be a Karaoke night.  So, I have sent up the tripod, with iPhone running Dualgram to capture the singing moment from both front and back camera.

Doing Karaoke is very easy now.  You just have to have a cheap Xiaomi TV, and pair it with the Xiaomi Karaoke microphone, run the Android App, then, you are good to go.


This is how the Dualgram (Only works on latest iPhone with latest IOS) work.  It capture video from both front and back camera.

And the Xiaomi mic is real good because there is no need to install any other thing such as mixer, etc.  It is just the mic pairing with Xiaomi TV only.  hahaha

Let’s sing a song for demo.  But then, later the night, we didn’t even sing any song, as the Just Dance 2020 has kicked in all the young people heart.

We have decided to have Hai Di Lao steam boat for the dinner.

So, we tabao.


Of course, this will be the rehearsal for my CNY reunion dinner too.  Trying to figure how easy to prepare food for around 22 people and with most kids going into teenage years.

The ingredients.


The stocks.


More stocks.


Thanks Terry and Laurel for picking up the Hai Di Lao for us.  Hai Di Lao can actually deliver.  But they will deliver by noon.  But we are having dinner.  So, they go pick up.  But if you think carefully, the package could already been prepared since noon.  hahaha makes no difference lor.


We uses two portable gas stove to cook it with the clay pen cai pot.


And here comes Terrence and Amanda and family (kids not in photos, already disappear in my house).


Uncle James and Aunty Jasmine also arrived with their girls.


Just look at the Hai Di Lao sauces.  So professional.


More taking photos time.


We must have celebrating the Christmas, New year and CNY together for almost 14-18 years?  hahaha


The killer Ma La steamboat.  Touch a bit on your tongue and it gets numb pretty quick.


Only the pink color sauce looks a bit strange and taste a bit strange, the rest taste very well.


This Shirako is only $7 from Don Don Donki.


We also have meats from Don don Donki.  The meat from there is cheap.  But beware, everybody think the same.  So, I only managed to get 2x black pork shabu shabu, 1x wagyu shabu shabu.  The rest all gone by the time I went there.  hahahaha


There are a lot of strange strange things from Don Don Donki.  I thought this is octopus, but it turn out to be cooked vinegared octopus.  Not nice.  hahaha


Let’s start.


Let’s eat!  Hungry!


Some people likes to eat the Shirako raw.  I like to burn it.


Hai Di Lao is not Hong Kong.  So, there are no eggs.  So, I add one raw egg in my sauce.


Just nice.


All these beh kia see one… eat so much Ma la… hahaha


Now, Jay Jay is like an adult like that.  Joining our table, while all the kids are playing.


Let’s burn some more Shirako.  Turn out to be nice if half cook.

Nice.  I put some caviar on top.


The good meats started to come out.


Oh, I got this.


Cheers.  Old man drink.  Gin Tonic.


Add a stock of Aquaponic organic rosemary, even nicer.


Jay, try a bit and spit out.


Real Hai Di Lao ah?  Got back massage some more… hahaha


So happy.  Happy New Year.


Yum Seng.


Nice grapes from Don Don Donki.


Tonight we have a lot of interesting drinks.


Gaming time.  Beat Saber.


Got to make sure kids don’t go there.  And they queue up on this side.


This is how NEW player plays.  Hit the saber very hard.

And this is how experience player plays it.

Every one get the chance to play and enjoy it.


And when the adults are having too much fun and won’t let go the control?????

What the younger kids do?

They go Star Wars.

OMG.  This is so fun. Kylo vs Rey with Luke looking around.

Just imagine how long they played.  One of the lightsaber quickly depleted its battery.


No kidding play.  Legs up.


No joke ya.  Just listen to their conversation.

Star Wars Geeks!

Come to the dark side.  Kay said.

Can play until kneel down too.

Oh… a Jedi died.  Then live again.

This is creative writing of scripts.  Died already and come back to live.


Let’s light up the lightsaber.

The forth Jedi join in the fight.

I think Kay Kay really knows how to act.  May be he grew up to become an actor.  hahaha

This time, his character died gracefully and remember to turn off the lightsaber before died.

Hahahaha, my roof top becomes their play ground.


Meanwhile, the champaign is ready downstairs.  For for the kids and one for adults.


And It is New Year!  2020 Finally came.


Happy New Year!

Picture here and there.


And this is traditions.  We have sing this song don’t know since how many donkey years.  hahahaha

Children take picture.

Wah, Jay Jay so big liao.


You thought after saying Happy New Year, drank the champaign and can go home liao??  No No No.  This is where Just Dance 2020 kicks in.

Even the kids cannot believe their mom is dancing.


Let’s see it from behind.

Kay, you are up.  with KT.  Frozen II.  Wahahahahahahahahahahaha Can see Kay super unhappy face.

Since you drink so much….


OK, Uncle James is up.

How many times Kay has been up in the stage?

Kay seems to like dancing a lot.  Where is Jay??


Who let the dogs out.  Wo Wo wo…  Uncle Terry, you are up!

Jay Jay is brought up by the 70’s people.  So, he must dance Elvis ya… hahahaha

And I think he starts to appreciate the dancing.  Continue on the Kung Fu fighting.

Excellent dancing.


More people come in to join the Kung Fu fighting.


And I think this is the last song.  I danced too.  In between them.  And of course, I won’t take footage of myself la.  hahaha

Wow.  Not too bad.


And Happy New Year.  Next… preparing for the CNY events.  I anticipated a lot a lot of events coming up in the next 365 days or so.  hahaha



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