Feng Shui 2020 For Me

Date:  Dec 30, 2019

Making sure the house got proper Feng Shui protection has becoming a year to year thing.  I started to get very interested into it during year 2000-2001 because Benedict introduce it to me and help me to fix my bad Feng Shui at work.  Ever since then, I have been following the Feng Shui tips, and learn how to do things here and there.

Of course, I don’t like to uses things that does not make sense.  Like using the Ba Gua mirror to reflect things here and there, is not my type of Feng Shui.  I will learn those that is simple and obvious.  Like how to use a tree to block the sharp sharp thing pointing at you.  How not to sleep your head beside the door or toilet is important.  You do not want to get the first hand of dirty smell from the Toilet.  hahaha

Few years ago, thru Benedict, I passed the Feng Shui matters to professional.  Treasure Gallery has been doing my Feng Shui ever since.  The yearly fees not so expensive, and the things to display at home are not so expensive too.  Compare to buying the similar things from Lilian Too World of Feng Shui, that saves lots of money.


Just in case you need the contact, here is her contact.


That’s her talking to my wife and giving all the advise.

OK, you may asked me whether she is good?  I will tell you it works for me.  And without fail.  I have been having kind of good luck during the bad time too.  So, I can only tell you, it works for you.  Of course, how you treat it, the info she gave, is also counted into your success.  The main thing is, it should makes you feel good and energise you to move ahead.

And of course, if her method works for you, don’t forget to appreciate all her help.  🙂


This year, my protection charm is very simple.  Got camel too.  And something that looks like sudoku.  hahaha


Double Humped Camel with 8 Auspicious Symbol.  Because I have my small business, so, this will ensure we have healthy bank balance and good cash flow.  That is important.


I am a dog.  So, the Sum of Ten Amulet will magnifies sum of ten luck.  I see.


Lastly, the windhorse with life force.  Increase chances of success.

This is very interesting.  Seems like this year, I don’t have to wear lots of protection.


I kept this in this small bag, and place in in my car.  If I have a huge meeting, I will bring along in my pocket.  hahahaha


This is for my wife, she is Ox.


My son have a simple one.  He is Dog.


Kay is Ox too.  Seems need some protection to drive the illness away.


Every year, she will come to throw away those worn out charm, and place new one here and there.  Those that can be reuse will be wash and prayed.


New displays for this year.


I like that wealth bowl.  Very nice.


All are re-energised and good to use for another year.


Of course, some cannot be reused.  So need to install a new one.  Like the Wulu which believe to absorb bad illness and bad energies.  New one will be needed.


I have no idea where she place it.  But she did put down notes.


And this is the notes.  hahaha . And the Flying Stars placement.


I placed my trust in her.  Only she knows where she placed everything. hahaha


She always gives me this calendar.  And I always have one copy in office and one at home.  If it is a bad day, I tried not to do exciting things.  If it is good day, I go all way out.

Here are the 12 months you can refer to.  Very useful.


While she was placing all these Feng Shui stuffs.. I read.  I don’t even buy the books from Lilian Too nowadays, I simply just read her copy and notes.

Oh Wow… Dog’s luck rank no. 8.  My wife Ox rank no 3.


Rabbit, Rat, Dragon and Dog has good results in their business.  Although it looks slow, but the return will come in eventually.


Goat, Chicken, Ox and Snake have real good luck.


Since my wife got so much luck, so must concentrate on hers.  Will buy gold.   Hahahahahaha . This year Ox has 3 lucky stars protecting.


This is the year to build up business relationship with all the connections.  For the Ox.


This is Ox’s every month luck predictions.




Especially those Ox that is born on 1973.  Looks like can kar kar zuo.


My turn.  Dog.  I must wear Green and light Green.  OK, will need to refresh walldrobe.  oh… this year 2020 is ok.  Next year is good year.  Although have lots of bad stars around, but the lucky stars that I have (2 of them) are specialise in getting rid of bad luck.


This year must save money.

Still have risk in health.


Seems like the first Chinese lunar month is a good month.  and the only good month. hahaha



Let’s see hows the Golden Dog doing.  Yup, energy will drop.  So, have to be careful of what I am doing.  No running so much.  hahaha


OK.  The bank in money day is Feb 4 this year.


Cleaning house date.  Can start liao.


Aiyo… Friday no working.  OK.  Just nice.

I think I will start work on Jan 30.

Feb 4, bank in money, I think I will do it on Feb 5 instead of Feb 4.  Interesting… And it must be 9-11am.


OK, this year Flying Chart.  Looks like the master bed room and kids bedroom are at 8 Prosperity location, while the study room is at the 1 Victory Luck location.  Good to know.


Here are some of the flying stars writings.

OK, got to make sure Jay don’t spent too much time in the Living room (5 yellow).  Wahahaha

2 illness star is cleared for us.

7 Robbery star is cleared for us too.

3 Quarrelsome Star.


The Wealth Star is in master bedroom and kids bedroom.


The Dog. Very Lucky but stay cool.  The other is Boar.


Money and Rooster.


Horse and Sheep.


Dragon and Snake.


Tiger and Rabbit.


Ox is Excellent Year.  And the Rat.


This is another version.


And all the remedies, cures and enhancers.


So, I hope this year of 2020 will be a good year for me and my family.  Happy New Year!


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  1. Hi, you mentioned that the feng shui items work for you, if I understand you correctly. How soon did you see results? How much are the items such as the windhorse amulet from the Treasure Gallery? I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

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