Star Gazing – The Next Day

Date:  August 18, 2019

Today, my Star Gazing kid – Jay Jay is at work again.  I know I know, tomorrow is Chinese Exam for him, but I think a good childhood life is not only study all the time, must do something you like to do.  Let’s hope the best for him for tomorrow.  But we did have our fun tonight.


I found my T-Adapter for my Fujifilm.  But I think we still need to figure out how to do it.  It seems that we are lack of a barlow lens.  🙂  Well, we just have to wait for Amazon to deliver the rest.


I think he is very happy with his Telescope tonight.  Why?  Later tell you.


Because tonight we manage to see….


Hahahahahaha Saturn!!!!

Tonight we can see Saturn.  And we used our iPhone to capture the image of it by pointing the iPhone camera into the telescope eyepiece.

Although is a bit blurry, but we are extremely happy about this.


The original picture taken looks like this.  This is the upside down image from the Telescope.


Of course, we also see the Jupiter tonight too.

IMG_3565 2.JPG

And tonight the sky is really quite clear.  But the light pollution is too much.


Ok, time to go to sleep.  So after we spent a few minutes looking at the moon just came out around 9:45pm … We asked the kids to go sleep liao.

But they are so happy to have that Saturn photo.  Tonight, we took it using my Moment apps + Moment Macro lens mounting on another tripod pointing the camera directly into the Telescope eyepiece.  That is why the photos are more stable tonight.  hahahaha


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