Jay & Frisbee

Date:  April 2, 2019

It is amazing to see your kids grow up.

When they are young, while they were still in primary school, all the talk about is 玩捉捉 (chase and run).

Now, when they are Sec 1, all they talk about is frisbee.

“Daddy, I stay back in school to play frisbee with my friends.”

So, one fine day, I went to Decathlon to buy some frisbee for them.  Oh boy, the sport goods from Decathlon is so so cheap!

Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 9.12.08 PM.png

And he told me, “daddy, I also have one!”


“My senior passed me his.  Because he is Sec 4, and he needs to focus in his O-Level, so he don’t need it any more.”

I took a look at that frisbee and wow.  It looks so professional.  And it is black colour, and it is so cool.

You got to love it when your teenage-kid is doing so well in school in terms of his social life.


Let’s play.

There is this very very big field in West Coast Park that you can play frisbee without hitting some one else.


Kids love playing frisbee.


Suddenly I realised my Jay Jay has grown up so much.


And he has learned how to handle the frisbee well too.


After the throw must also have style.  A big smile on the face.


And Mr. Kay has the advantage to learn these tricks from his brother.


When you are in West Coast Park, don’t forget to check out the revamped Marsh Garden.  They extended a new path.


Hello Monitor lizard.


Don’t forget to bring your good camera to take photos.  iPhone camera sensors are very small cannot compare to the Mirrorless camera or DSLR picture quality.


It is important to take good photos of your kids.

Have you ever seen your own childhood photos?  Those really old and yellowish old photos?  Compare to the technology nowadays.  Cannot compare la…


I am amaze that he so fat still can sit on this.


Wee…. very happy!


They loves it.


Run run run.


Parents, don’t forget to bring the kids to outdoor parks and let them have fun!

Kids, don’t forget to ask daddy and mommy to bring you to outdoor parks and sweat a little.

It is fun to look at the bird in the sky.


Look at the old trees.


Shoot it in black and white.


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