Blind Mice

Date:  May 22, 2018

Kay: “Daddy, can we play blind mice for a while?”

Me: “Huh?”

Jay: “We played at the kids pool.”

Me: “What is blind mice?”

So, together with their neighbours and classmates….  They jumped into the tiny kid’s pool and play the game of “Blind Mice.”


Here is the rules:

One person suppose to put full water into his/her goggles.  Like that he/she is BLIND!!!

Why?  Because you not suppose to open your eyes when your goggles full of water inside.

Then, that person who is “blind” must call out the word “Blind”, and the rest of the three persons must answer with “Mice”.

Ohhh… I understand liao…

Your ears suppose to be your radar, and you listen carefully of the “Mice” spoken by your friends and decide who you want to go after…

Then, you can keep calling “Blind” and they keep answering “Mice” until you touch any one and that person being touched will take turns become the “Blind Mice”.

Me: “Who invented such game?”

Jay: “The Ong’s Sisters.”

Me: “Oh… Clever.”

Then, four of them kept improving the game rules…

Until you can actually stand up… and catch, and you can cover your eyes, without putting water in your goggles, etc etc… hahahaha

Seems fun…

But beware…

It might have hazards too if you are not careful..

Don’t let them get too near to the edge of the pool or stairs.. hahaha

Otherwise 乐极生悲!

Luckily, no one get hurts.

This is what I called childhood.  Playing with friends.

After the exam.  hahahaha




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