Gadget – Golf Plus App

Date:  Apr 3, 2018

You have an Apple Watch on your wrist.

And you can buy this app called Golf Plus.

And then, you bring it to driving range, and just hit some balls.

After that, you can see whether your shot is correct, open club face, close club face or not?  and your swing plane is correct or not.


It is called Golf Plus.


OK, it cost a bit.  But it actually gives me an overview of my golf swing.  Most importantly the swing planes that I need to check on most of the golf swings so that I can correct it.


You can choose your club and then, just tap the golf ball to start.


It is quite fun.


It will sync automatically.


Of course, you don’t expect it to be so accurate.  It might not capture the data sometimes.

But it is good enough to capture some of the obvious mistake.


See, my driver always face close, why?  Means the gripping is wrong somewhere.


So, hopefully, I can correct most of the obvious mistake soon.



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