The Hunt for a New Home

Date:  Feb 6, 2018

On Jan 11, 2018.  The enbloc of Park West Condo was successful.  That means, if everything goes right (with small calculated risk), we will have to move out from Park West by end of this year.

So, the hunt for a new home has begun.

We looked at a few, i.e. Freesia Woods, Centris & Lakeside Residence.  All looks promising.  But something was not right.  The size of the place.

And finally, we found it.  Madeira. #28-08.  Very auspicious unit number.


The Bukit Batok Central and the MRT.


As you can see.  The train slowly pulling in.  and the train slowly pulling out.  So, not so noisy.

It is non-block view from the North.  Military in there.


This is the living room.  There is a stairs to go up to a small area in the second floor.  The ceiling is high.

Drop down windows.  All windows facing North.

So, the house is a North-South facing home.  The main door is facing South.

I am Metal-Dog with Kua #3.  So, North, South, East and Northeast are all my favourite direction.  The house I am staying must have these direction correct.

Living Room 1.jpg

That small area up the stairs going to be a play area or my quiet study area.  May be can put a small day bed there too.  A quiet reading corner with board games.

Living Room 2.jpg

Let’s see again.

Living Room (wide).jpg

The kids really love the stairs.  During the viewing, don’t know how many time they walk up and down.


Let’s walk up and take a look.

I think it is going to be a nice little area.  Sitting at the East of the house.  My favourite direction.  At my Park West home, my study table facing East.  In Office, my iMac facing East too.  So, I am going to have a small study area and reading corner that I am going to spent most of my time there.

2nd Floor.jpg

From the second floor looking down.  Perfect.  That will be the TV console area.

The owner of the place was a Spanish who imports and do tiles.  Those tiles you see are big and brought in by him from Spain.

Living Room 3.jpg

The Spanish Tiles.  Renovation notes, do you remove these?  they looks expensive..

What I like is the high ceiling.  And may be can install fan.

Living Room 4.jpg

The high ceiling.

Living Room 5.jpg

Let’s take a look at what you can see from the living room drop down window.

Another view.

This is the Front door and dining area.  Kitchen thru that door.

Front Door and Dining Area.jpg

The kitchen area not excitingly big.  But good enough to do cooking.



It is South Facing.  My direction.  For a metal dog.

South Facing Main Door.jpg

When you just come in from the main door, you see these cupboards at the Xuan Guan.  And are shoe storage area.

Main Door.jpg

The main floor is 1,700 sqft.  And the roof terrace is 1,300 sqft.

Roof Terrace.jpg

They build a small room at the roof terrace.  It is like an attic.  And the sitting area at the roof top.  With proper canvas to block sun and rain.

Roof Terrace 1.jpg

Wow.  Great Views.  JB over there.

Roof Terrace (big).jpg

The room at the Roof Terrace also at the East of the location.  Another place we going to spent time together here.

Roof Terrace Room.jpg

The roof view.

The view of the roof terrace plus the view of the surrounding.

Can see JB.  and next time, I can take a lot of astro photographs.

Can see JB.jpg

Can see Bukit Timah.

Can see Bukit Timah.jpg

The only block view.  You can see the Neighbour block.

Neigbour block.jpg

Some more fantastic view.

Guilin 2.jpg

Swimming Pool view.

Swimming Pool view.jpg

The door on the roof terrace.  What is behind?


More storage place, I guess.  And the access to roof top common area.

More storage space.jpg

The basin for BBQ on the roof terrace.

Dry kitchen at roof top.jpg

The stairs back to the main floor.

Stairs back to the main floor.jpg

The rubbish shute.  So, need to figure out how to “get rid of it”.

Rubbish Shute.jpg

Nice view.  One last look before going back to the main floor.

A long corridor to the room.  This is good, means, the rooms, the resting place is far away from the living room.  The noisy area.  hahaha

Corridor to the Rooms.jpg

Hmmm… I think this room is not so nice.  Because it’s door facing the corridor.  It is also facing West.  My worst direction.

Junior Master Room.jpg

A west facing room.  Actually good for my Wife.  Hahaha.  She is a west facing person.

The toilet at the Junior Master Room.

Toilet in Junior Master Bedroom.jpg

This is the master bed room.  Windows Facing North.

Master Bedroom.jpg

North facing.

Not fantastically big.  But good enough.

Master Bedroom.jpg

Quite a nice big toilet.  In the Master Bedroom.

Master Bedroom Toilet.jpg

Toilet area.

Master Toilet 2.jpg

There is this smaller room.  Owner make it into a place to keep their cloths.

Walk in Walldrobe.jpg

The third room, looks much bigger.  So, this can be the kids room.

3rd room.jpg

Shared toilet for the smaller room and the 3rd room.

Shared toilet.jpg

Now, let’s look at outside.  Exercise area.


Club and Gym.

Club and Gym.jpg

BBQ area.


Swimming Pool.

Swimming Pool.jpg

Kids were very happy!


The google map location

Google Map.png

From near by.  It is in the HDB neighbourhood.  With MRT within 3-5min walk.

Oh ya, the owner is a Spanish, and in his long long name, there is a word “Jesus” .. hahaha… his name has a Jesus name in there.  So, I can now tell people, I took over a home from Mr. Jesus.

From the nearby.jpg

The condo map.


The floor plan of main floor.


The roof terrace floor plan.


I got to thank all the luck was given to me.  Got my place Enbloc.  And earn a new place.  An upgrade.  And hopefully this place can hang around for another 20 years.

Next is to design it and renovate it to benefit every one in the home.





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