Updates of Wonder Works Robotics Class

Date:  Jan 21, 2018

Wow!  Jay has been attending this Lego Robotics class for 5 years now.

His brother joined in the fun 3 years ago.

Teacher (owner) Enzo from Wonder Works has been teaching him, giving him different project every single week to work on for the past 5 years.  I have not seen a repeated lesson or repeated project.


Kay Kay did the same project as Jay’s last week project.  A see-saw using sensor.

As explained by teacher Enzo. 1) The student is given a test to build an arcade machine.  2) There need to have a mechanism to except tokens, coins.  3) The game play has to be random.  Hard and easy has to be randomise.  4) In terms of money sense, the kids is given a task to try to make the arcade “make money”.  Means, how you attract your players to play and spend money and at the end of the day still can make money.  haha

Wow, this is Advanced programming with real life situation.


A demonstration of the robot.

I teach him something too.  If the robot is too complicated, hard to play.  If users put 3 coins and manage to get only 1-2 coins, then, people will run away.  They will never play your arcade again.  That is why need to do “Bonus” round too.  ahahah

Last Week

The see-saw project was given to the senior boys first.

They need to make a automatic see-saw.  And they can use any sensor to do it.


Teacher Enzo commented: “What is remarkable for this is Jay uses two sensors instead of one to do the job and make the see-saw more robust.”

So, I asked Jay why he uses two sensors.  Then, he tell me that he uses Gyro sensor to determine left an right, so that he can ask the Mindstorms to kick left of right.  But the Gyro sensor is not good, because it sometimes gives false readings.  So, he has to use another one so that he can compensate the wrong reading.

I guess the kids learned how to troubleshoot their robots and try to figure a way to fix the problem.  Cool!

Two weeks Ago

After the long break, the kids finally back.


Kay is eager to learn more here at the Wonder Works Lego Robotics class.


Jay was trying to troubleshoot his robots.  Something is not working.


This is his robot.


The blocky programming of Lego Minestorms.

He also uses the same blocky interface to program in his Python class @ Da Vinci.  But, as he entered Intermediate II class next time, he will need to write Python codes.  So, I can’t wait to see his face when it comes that day.  I expected he enter the Intermediate II class around March-April time.

But even looking at this blocky diagram, it looks very complicated.  hahaha need to understand the program flows.


His first robot is memory game robot.  The robot will present you a series of colours.  You got to remember it.  And then play it back.

Kay also did the same robot.



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