Jay – Let Him Go

Date:  Jan 3, 2018

It is 2018.

A brand new year for my kids.

Jay Jay is in his PSLE year.

Kay Kay is in P3 now.


Wow, this is the year (P3) where Kay Kay is going to CCA.  He has chosen Badminton as his CCA.  This is also the year where he needs to earn my trusts that he can handle a smart phone, and some time later, he is allowed to bring his iPhone to school.  🙂  He is working hard on that.

As for Jay Jay.  This is the year to get independent.

It’s Wednesday, where he has nothing, no tuition, no other things.  So, he wanted to go to Da Vinci class at Suntec.  So, I allowed him to go on one condition.

Yeah!  He gets to go to Suntec on the MRT by his ownself.  Yeah!


I specially bought him a Big Mac for his lunch.  After he reached Suntec he can take it.


Since this is the first time, he is going to take MRT alone, without parents.  So, just to be sure, better use technology to track him.

So, there is a feature in WhatsApp where you can share your Live Location.  So, he did that, turn on the Live Location tracking for 1 hour.


Then, I picked up Kay Kay and sent him to his Piano class at ARC.

And I can check where is Jay Jay now at the same time.


He has two options.  1) Take the East West MRT to Bugis, switch to Downtown line and 1 stop to Suntec.  2) Take the East West MRT to Buona Vista, switch to Circle line to Botanical Garden, switch to Downtown line to Suntec.  Of course, he always have the option to take East West MRT to City Hall, and walk 20 minutes to Tower 2/3 of Suntec from Raffles City which has the shorter walking route and a longer walking route.  But since we always train him on taking the first two options, he did just that.

Ah.. Jay Jay has reached Raffles City.  He is going to continue to go Bugis.


Whatsapp is useful.  Jay Jay finally reach Suntec.


And here he comes.  Finally.  After he had his lunch at MacDonald sitting area.   He walked to Da Vinci Innovation Center @ Suntec to attend his Programming Lessons.

I already brought Kay Kay to the Da Vinci class.  And wait for Jay Jay there.

Hi Jay Jay…


I think going into PSLE P6 class, means a lot more study and home work.  In my opinion, it must be balanced out.  So, I told my son, if he can manage the study, and he knows there are free time here and there, he can choose to go to the programming class anytime he thinks is suitable.  He already make some great friends in the class, from different school, different levels, so, he will decide when to come to Da Vinci.

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