Community Garden Festival @ Hort Park

Date:  Nov 3-5, 2017 @ Hort Park

Hort Park has a 3-days event from Nov 3-5.  It features this huge bird made using vegetables and fruits.


Almost every HDB estate have their own community garden.  And this is where the buses will bring all the residents whom we called the urban farmers (farmers in the city) to Hort Park to learn new skills, see new technologies, and mingle around, etc.

Here are the info from their website.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.35.26 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.34.16 AM.png

Yesterday I went.  Around 10am, the carpark is full.  There are traffic police guiding the traffic.  If you don’t mind walking, drive into Royal Rd and park along Cornwall Rd or Hyderabad Rd.  Please note, you cannot go in to Hyderabad road from the normal Hort Park entrance there.  The road was blocked.  So, you have to go in from Royal Rd.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.39.51 AM.png

And of course, the Aquaponics girl is there introducing Aquaponics to the world.  If you want to learn how to easily produce organic vegetables, and use no “liquid nutrients” (i.e. that’s Hydroponics), and yet have the fun of raising fish as pet or to eat.  You can learn from her ya!


She will be there 3 days.


She loves to share how she grow vegetables there.  This is a new urban farmer tech.


She will teach you all her experience.  So, what is Aquaponics?  This is it.


The kids love the small fish tank that can grow vegetables.


The miniponics systems.  Grow your kitchen scraps here.


If your balcony is big enough or your living room don’t mind the water fall sound?


A great water features to boost up a few sector this year.


If Octaponics is too big.  Can have a smaller one.


Or you can  do a simple one too.


A simple big “Ong” to keep the fish will do.  Nice?


All sort of tools for you to get started in Aquaponics.


All kind of seeds…


You can do Tomatoes too.


This is her hobby!  and she has all our support from the family.


Next stop next week.  Aquaponics girl will be at Green Urban Scape Asia @ Singapore Expo, Nov 9-11, 2017.  If you cannot make it this coming week, go next week to that event.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 8.06.26 AM.png

See you!



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