AU Trip 3 – How You Play a Boomerang huh?

Date:  Dec 11, 2016

This is a boomerang.

It is an Australian boomerang where we bought it from Australia.

When you buy this, it has a label saying that this is a real workable boomerang, not those display set boomerang.

So, this boomerang should fly and fly back to you when you throw against the wind.


But these two kids are not Australia.

They definitely cannot throw a boomerang.


Want some proof?

It just won’t fly.

OK.  Kay Kay tried it.  It does not fly.

Try one more time.  Nope.  Still not returning.

Mommy tried.  Move even further.

Let Jay Jay tried.  Nope, the boomerang simply don’t return back to the original place.

Jay: “It does not work!”



Of course in order to master this, you need the strong wind.

And a strong will to learn.  You have to practice many times in order to make it work too.

You thought so easy you can learn huh?

But it is funny when every I watched back the videos.

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