Cooking Skill Improving

Date:  Nov 25, 2016

At work, I trained people.

At home, I trained my kids the same way how I trained others.

No exception.

As a result, I get this nice breakfast like this.

The egg is made of cheese, milk, butter and egg.

The combinations is just perfect.  The taste is perfect.  And I love it.


I taught him how to use the stove, the pan.

Jay borrowed books from library and learn how can cook egg in a different way.

And I taught how to break the eggs using fork.  And he found some nice tool and do it the elegant way.  I just came back from a run, and saw this, so, can’t stop to video down this moment.  hahaha

So, he develops his own skills, his own way.

Although still a long way to go, I believe with practise, and with very loyal food fans at home, especially his brother, Kay, he will do well in cooking.  🙂

If this is his interest, be it.  Will teach him everything I knew.

To teach cooking is not to teach recipes.  It is to teach the tools, the method, the ways, the reasons, and the basic skills.  I believe everybody has their own ways of cooking.

Well done Jay!

In my breakfast, there is a cup of yellowish or orange colour drink.  That is Tumeric drink.

I bought it from Liang Court basement one (just in front of the escalator from the B2 carpark).  I bought the Japan version.  Of course, you can buy from any stores you want.


Just mix the yellowish tumeric powder with warm water, you got a nice tumeric drink.


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