Thoughts: Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+

Date:  Oct 29, 2016

My Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ edition finally came.


Let’s unbox it.

Multiple version of instructions in different languages.


Extra watch straps for smaller wrist.


The Apple Watch S2 Nike+.  I choose the grey colour.


Charger cable.


Looks almost the same.  By Red + Gold CNY edition vs. the Nike+ S2 version.


Very easy to setup.  Just backup from the last backup copy.

There are people like me, who own more than one Apple Watch (now).  So, the AppleOS latest software cater to that.  It even come with the Auto Switch function, that you can switch anytime when you put any watch on your wrist.  Quite Cool.


Love the new watch face.  Especially the one with neon green bold fonts.


The Apple Watch charger stand came 1 month earlier than the watch.  But I like it.  It is also very convenient to bring it along when traveling.


Just tilt it to the angle, and rest your Apple Watch on it.  And it becomes a clock mode.


This is my new watch.


My thoughts…

  1. Yes, it is faster.  It feels faster than the series 1.  More responsive.
  2. Is a watch.  By the way, when you have iMessage, Whatsapp or WeChat, etc.  It will notify you.
  3. The new Series 2 comes with a GPS.  Means, you don’t have to bring a phone for a run.  But I still need to bring because I listen to Podcast or music.
  4. The new Series 2 is waterproof even come with the amazing technology to pump water out of your speakers.  Impressive.  I will test it out soon.
  5. I do use this just like Dick Tracy like that, pick up calls or make calls when my iPhone is some where within range and I could not reach it.
  6. I love the Apple Pay!
  7. I usually will use the Instagram photo album clock face.  Perhaps that is what I love about my Apple Watch.  Overtime I raise my wrist, I get a new photo which I posted on Instagram.  The Apple Watch is a square shape, so, the square Instagram photo is just perfect!!!  See it for yourself.  It also helps you to remember better.  “Ah, we took these photos when and where.  What had happen then, very funny and fun!”

One of the greatest moment is when you have kids around and you spent time with them.  That is why it is good to have a Photo frame or a Apple Watch clock face that will display the wonderful childhood time you spend with your kids.

To remind you that there are lots of fun and happiness there.  So, if you are sort of stressful at a time, and when you see these photos, you will become calm and happy too.

See my InstaCube too.  🙂  Also a square box.  Perfect for Instagram photos.




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