Have Fun @ UK Farm

Date:  Sep 10, 2016

We planned this just 2 weeks ago.

Booked everything thru Agoda.  (Or you can book directly from their website).

Even when you book thru Agoda, you get the following…

  • High Tea at 3pm
  • 2-3 hours Farm Tour
  • Dinner (very nice mutton & chicken Satay, Otak)
  • You get to feed the animals
  • You get to learn everything about Sheep and Goats
  • Breakfast
  • Sheep Challenges

It is quite fun I must say…

The Farm is about 17km away from Ayer Hitam exit from the North South Highway.  It is about 1.5 hours drive from Singapore with no traffic.

We book two chalet rooms from Agoda.

And it includes the high tea, breakfast and dinner.  3 meals.


If you not staying, and simply come for a day trip.  This is their price.  The entrance ticket with the farm tour cost almost S$100 (RM291.50).


The farm is quite big.  And the chalet is build surrounded by all the sheep and goats home.


But the most valuable thing is this 2-3 hours farm tour.  Let me show you why later.


This is where we stay.  In two of these chalet rooms.


The room rates is counted by heads.  They will give you enough beds.


The room is quite decent, clean, with fan and aircon and even have TV.  But the natural cooling is much better.

The toilet are decent, but they do not provide toothbrushes and tooth paste.  So, you need to bring them.  They provide big bottles of shampoo and body soup.

The only thing is you do not open the door too wide, otherwise, the flies will fly into the room.  But not to worry, they provide two fly capture sticky pad or trap to trap the flies.

All those are fruit flies, and they are in general quite clean bah…


Jay & Kay and his friends are thrill to find out that the two chalet room are connected rooms.  So, simply open the door, it becomes a big huge room.

So, they ended up kick all the parents to sleep in the other room, and they all four of them had a room by themselves.


Outside the chalet room, you have seats to sit down.


In front of chalet is where you park you vehicle.  And after that, is a big piece of grass field.


Kids can run wild here.


You can discover new things from time to time.  We have no idea what is this.  Looks like a mini pumpkin.


If it rains, you can stay inside the room and play.


Once you check in, they will give every one enough food to feed animals and the coupons and tickets are all prepared.


The “UK” is not stand for United Kingdom.  It is actually the owner’s middle name initials.  hahaha


Let’s start this amazing tour.  Let’s move out.

Farm Tour


Suddenly the bus stop.

Why?  Because there are a herd of sheep is crossing the road and on their way back to their quarters.  hahaha

You don’t get to see this every day.  And certainly not at our Kranji’s Hays goat farm there.

Tour guide explains what the goat eats.


Feed Grass to Goat

Let the feeding session begun.


There are 4,000 goats and sheep in this farm.  And they clean then every 2-3 days.  There appeared very clean.


They loves the visitors.


This tiny goat only born 4 days ago.

The kids love it because of the close encounter with the baby goat…

In Singapore Hays Goat fram, they don’t let you touch any goat.  Here, it is like a common thing to do.

Feed Milk to Goat

OK.  Next event.  We are visiting the baby goat quarters.

And we feed them goat milk.  Wow!  How cool can that be… And you can stick your finger into the baby goat mouth, and it feels great!

This experience I don’t think you can get anywhere.  But here at UK Farm, it is a very cool thing to feed the young one milk.

And Ashlyn drops her milk bottle.  So funny.

Jay was having lots of fun!

Children loves goats.


Next event.

Carrying Goat

Wow, you can carry the baby goat.


The kids gone crazy about it.


The baby goat is about 5-7KG, so, it should be light enough to carry.

And Kay Kay wanted to carry every one of them.


The kids never expect this kind of things so they go all way out.


Goat Milk Station

Facts about Jamnapari goat.


Benefits of goat milk.


Here come the goats.

This is similar to Hays Goat Milk farm in Singapore.


They sell all kinds of goat milk product here.


Including the Goat Milk Ice Cream…


The kids love it.  Not so sweet.  But tasty.


Duck Feeding

The kids can feed the duck too.


Look at all these hungry ducks.

I think as long as it is animal, not so fierce the kids will love it.



OK.  I think the most dangerous feeding is this.

Let the brave souls try it out…


I have to keep shouting.. watch out your hand, watch out your eyeballs..

(hahaha not that dangerous la)

Rabbit Station

Catching rabbit.


Of course, you get to feed them.


Kids love rabbits.


Rabbit feeding is always the kid’s best activity.

How about holding them in your hand.


Move it closer to your face.


Kids love rabbits.


Even adults love holding the rabbit.


Jay & Kay loves rabbits.


Cultural Show

You can also stop by the Orang Asli village.


They stay high up in the tree house.


And they shoot poison darts.


He danced.

He shoot and he missed.  hahaha

Mushroom and Mini Zoo

The kids get to run around and climb up the tree house.


This is where they grow the mushrooms.


This is the mushroom they growing.  Oyster mushroom.


There is also a mini zoo for them too feed.





They serving Mutton Satay, Chicken Satay, Mutton Rendang, Otak, etc for dinner.

And the Satay is so good and so tasty that Kay Kay and the kids all keep on eating and eating.


Night Tour

You need to pay RM5 for each person extra for a night tour.


The local with flash lights will find the night animal for us.

We found some wild boar.  owls, snake, chameleon.

Sky Lantern

Something you cannot do in Singapore.  And if you do it in Taiwan, you usually do it in the afternoon.  If you like me do it during CNY back in Hometown you usually do it at mid night.  And now, 9pm… we flying our sky lantern.


The kids are excited.  We got two lantern to fly for two rooms.

And here goes our first Sky Lantern.

Before sleep, watch some Pokemon cartoon.


This is my breakfast.  The Nasi is fantastic.


And I also try out the Bak Kut The Mutton.  It was okay.  The goat smell is rather strong in this.


Of course there are chow mian too.


As well as Samosa.


And Spring Rolls.



There are a lot of retro swing here.  Try them out.


So nice.

Sheep Challenge

The last activity you do here is to capture the sheep.


All you need to do is to surround the sheep an try to capture one.  How hard can this be ya?

errr… no so easy ya

Why so hard to capture them?


Not easy

Very hard.



So that concludes our 2 day 1 night stay here.

I kind of like the way how they provide the tour.  They basically allow you to touch every thing.  You can hold the rabbit, the chicks the sheep, etc.

They even have the sheep challenge for you to capture the sheep.  hahaha

It is fun for the kids.

For us, we check out around 10:30am and head towards the Desaru beach.


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