Pokemon Go – We Have Done It!

Date:  Sep 3, 2016

We are the Pokemon hunter.  With the right tools, and info, you can have a complete set.

In Singapore, you minus off the 3x legendary pokemon, 4x regional pokemon, and ditto which is not yet released.  If you can catch 141 Pokemon out of 149.  You are consider completing the Pokedex.

So, as of yesterday, we are at 140.  We need 28 Kabuto candies to evolve our last Pokemon, i.e. Kabutops.


Yesterday, we started the day with 22 Kabuto candies.  So, we need another 7 Kabuto in order to have 50 candies to evolve it into Kabutops.

So, having a great tip from Wee Liang, we going to camp at Essen Cafe just under the Pinnacle @ Duxton.  (Park your car at Duxton, and you are beside that green patch of land).

According to Wee Liang, Kabuto shown up at least 8 times yesterday.  So, it means every hour sure have some spawns there.


And we are hear for the first time for many years.  Pinnacle @ Duxton hill.


Luckily there is a cafe just at the ground floor of Pinnacle.  So, we have lunch there.  While waiting for Kabuto to come here, the kids have their own Nintendo Pokemon to play.


Then, the first one appeared.  We caught it in the Essen Cafe there.

IMG_3720 (1).jpg

Essen Cafe is a group of restaurants, operated like food court.  You can drink all kind of beers here, you can have pizza, Italy food, French Food, even Thai food.  There are about 6-7 stalls in this Cafe, but not like normal food court.


I ordered the fish and chips for the kids, and for me… eat some thing less la.


Butter steamy clams.


Chilli crab curry with buns.  Not that bad.


While waiting for the food, I asked Jay to go outside to catch the 2nd Kabuto.

Then, when the food came, a third Kabuto appeared in the restaurant again.

So, we end up catching 3x Kabuto in the afternoon.


We are satisfy with our catch of 3x Kabuto in the afternoon.

My son loves cat.  He usually will touch the stray cat.

A mother with a daughter pass by.  The mother saw Kay Kay touch the stray cat.  Mother told daughter “That is a stray cat.  Don’t touch it.”

Kay said to the daughter “Stray cat has no poison.”

Daughter tell her mother and repeats what Kay said “Stray cat has no poison.”

Mother pull the daughter and walk away.



After the lunch we rush to Liang Court Wonderswork for their Robotics class.  Jay has programmed a very impressive basketball shooter.  To shoot the paper ball into a small basket.  Wow!!!!!  I am totally impressed.

After Jay Robotics class.  We were back to Pinnacle again.  We wanted to catch the remaining 4x Kabuto.  While waiting, Mommy playing with Kay Kay.


During the 1.5 hour wait and hanging around, we caught 1-2-3 Kabuto.


We are down to only 1 more Kabuto to catch.  And it is this young man’s job.


And here it comes!!!!!!


Feed berries, ultra balls, great balls, etc…


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