Raspberry Pi – Configure lxterminal Fonts

Date:  Jun 8, 2016

I am a unix guy, therefore, I like to work with “terminal”.

Basically “terminal” allows you to key in unix command lines, editing files, etc.

My only linux/unix at home now is Raspbian running on Raspberry Pi.

So, how do you change the font size of the “terminal” program.

Raspbian comes with a Windows Desktop called LXDE.

LXDE is highly configurable.

To configure the appearance of LXDE, you can go to the .config directory at your home dir.

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ cd .config


Next, you go into lxterminal dir. and edit the file lxterminal.conf

you do not need to use sudo here as you normally will login into the default “pi” acct.

Use vi or nano to edit the lxterminal.conf file here.


Very obvious and simple.

There is only one line to edit.  Change the following

fontname=Monospace 10


fontname=Monospace 6


This new config will be available when you run “terminal” again.

First thing you notice, the windows is much smaller because the font has reduced from 10 to 6.


Now list a directory and you can see more listing in one page.

Mission completed.



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