First Time in a Indian Barber Shop

Date:  Feb 7, 2016

I think this is the fist time the kids has entered an Indian barber shop.  
This shop is conveniently located just beside Grandpa’s stationary shop.

Kay Kay is such an adorable kid.  Ask him to pretend crying, he pretend crying.
Looks so real.  Hahahaha. But yet fake fake.  Hahaha

Actually there isn’t a lot of different cutting hair in Singapore or Malaysia.  Well, to the parents, Singapore cutting hair around this time, before CNY may be cost more (double), or fix price for those budget cut.  But cutting hair in the barber shop in Malaysia, especially this shop cost only RM$4 only.

Also, for the first time, Kay Kay saw how the barber shave his hair off his skin using the blade.  Wwahahahahaha
Hold still, don’t move!

Because his school starts Wednesday, and we ran out of time to bring him to cut hair, so we let him cut the hair here at the barber shop.
Not that bad, Depan tak boleh touch n’ go eye brow, sebelah tak boleh touch n’ go the ear…. Not bad!
Here is Jay Jay’s turn to cut hair too.
After the hair cut, looks fresh and good!
Happy Chinese New Year!

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