Gadget Notes – Dyln Alkaline Water Bottle

Date:  Dec 5, 2016

I cannot tell you whether drinking alkaline water will help improve your health, body or not. 
It is up to you to “Google” the information.
I can only tell you what do I do at home.  And I believe in it.
I also have “Diamond Water” systems who suppose to break the water particles to smaller and easy to be absorbed by body.
And this recently, I think I saw on sort of “Kickstarter” page that some one has come up with a Alkaline Water Bottle.
What does the bottle do?  It produces Alkaline Water.
This is how the bottle looks like.
Stainless still with rubber grip.
It is marketed as “DYLN Living Water Bottle”.
Hmmm… 316 stainless steel.  Suppose to be a high grade, high quality bottle.  
But the marketing message has a point.
“Reduce plastic”
So, you can have an excuse of buying for his high quality 316 stainless steel bottle to reduce the use of plastics bottle and save the earth.  How nice!
As it can change a normal water into alkaline water, of course we want to test it using the PH meter.
And indeed, it changed my mineral water which is neutral into alkaline water, see the PH color placed it under 8.5-9.0. 
And it comes with a very cool bottle cover.  I love it!
Inside the bottle, you can see that it has the diffuser.
You have to use these tools that comes with it to take it out.  It is called diffuser remove tool.
So, you can quickly assemble the tool.  It is easy to keep too.
So, you latch the diffuser using this tool, and then, take the diffuser out.
This is how the diffuser looks like.
Why do you need to take the infuser out?
1) when you have oily mouth and has used the water bottle and you wish to clean it with detergent.  Remember, do not wash the bottle with detergent when you have the diffuser inside.
2) when you have used up 400 refills, the alkaline diffuser will need to be changed.
You see the rocks inside the diffuser?  Those are natural rocks and it will turn your neutral water into alkaline water.
Let’s look at the packaging and try to understand more.
Take note, it does not filter your water.  It enhanced your water by turning it into alkaline.  It also produce anti-oxidation so that it neutralizes free radicals.  Not sure what it mean.
There are many reports or proofs that drinking alkaline water may help.
But after using it for couple weeks, this is what I found.
The alkaline taste actually can make you thirsty.
As you become thirsty, it actually help you to drink more.
If you drink more water, it makes your body hydrated.
So, you become healthier?  Hahaha
My wife used it too.  And she said when she used it along with his Yoga class, some how it helps to get his body hydrated.  So that she won’t feel too tired and wanted to faint faint like that.  
Here is the chart of PH of all kind of water comparing to alkaline water produced by Dyln water bottle.
Here is the marketing message.  Why we need Alkaline water?
As I said there is not many proof to prove that drinking alkaline water will actually make your body less acidic.  It still depends on things you eat every day, your dietary and the exercise that you do.
The vita beads – the magic behind making alkaline water.
I bought from their website and they deliver it to my place.  You can see the price on their web site.  Simply google it.
I also drink lemon water at home too.  Everyday I have a bottle of warm water added a few slice of lemon in it.

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