Xiaomi TV Box – Cracked APK to Stream TV Shows

Date:  Jan 6, 2015

1.  Some times ago, Chinese regulators decided to stop all the Chinese content providers to offer APK / Apps that can be run on TV Box or TV Set.

2.  The Chinese regulators allows TV Shows or Movies to be streamed over a Web Browser.  The Chinese regulators allows APK / Apps to be run on Smartphones or Touch Pad.  For some reasons, they said running the APK / Apps on the TV Media Box / Android Box / Xiaomi TV Box or directly onto the TV itself is “illegal”.  It requires another licensing for these APK / Apps.  Because these shows are now showing on big screen TV, it must follow the TV regulations.  Hence, it requires another TV type of licenses.  How strange.  But if you look carefully, the Chinese regulators are targeted at a handful of APK / Apps only.  How strange.  i.e.

    – Youku

    – Tudou

    – Sohu

    – PPTV

    – iQiYi

3.  So, since then, there are a lot of APK / Apps were instructed to offer a patch or update automatically.  Means, when you run the APK / Apps, it will force you to download the new updates or new version.  And these new version apps will check if you are running the APK / Apps on a big screen TV or TV Media Box or not.  If you are?  Sorry, you cannot stream the TV Shows or Movies. 

4.  But we love those APK / Apps.  The reason is, those Apps / APK works seamlessly with the remote control so that you can navigate and find shows to watch.  It is so simple and elegant.

5.  And we love the Chinese hackers.  They can reverse engineer something and break all these restrictions.  Hence they come up with the cracked versions of APK / Apps.  For example, the PPTV app new update will check against the current version.  If your version is old version, then, force you to download the latest update directly from the PPTV server and pop you the “Cannot Stream TV program message”.  These hackers done some poking here and there, they simply change the version in a single file to 9.9.9, so that every time, the file is always the latest APK.  So, no need to force you to fetch the download.

6.  Ah yes, even Xiaomi TV, Le TV as well as Wasu 华数TV all changed their contents.  No longer they have those fantastic “pirated” shows.  All of them have to conform to the new regulations.  All shows must have copy rights.  And so on.

7.  So, to continue enjoy these TV Media Box, i.e. Xiaomi MiBox, or 10moons YunOS TV Box.  My recommendation still the same.  Install Shafa App Store (沙发管家).


IMG 6621

8.  From Shafa App Store, you can find all the cracked version of these famous TV contents in one single App.  It is called 电视必备2.0 (Must have for TV version 2.0).  It is located usually at the Recommendation Page.

IMG 6622

9.  This is the logo.

IMG 6624

10.  Click Download.

IMG 6625

11.  So, after you download it, run the App.  It will pop up a screen of Apps for you to choose to download and install.  So, this is a collection of Apps that is very commonly installed on the TV Media Box, Android Box or Xiaomi Box.

IMG 6627

12.  Simply select the cracked App that you wish to install.  And that’s it!

IMG 6628

13.  Shafa App did a very good job in providing all these Apps.  

14.  But if you wish to watch Live TV shows.  There is another App you need to install.  It is called Cloud TV.


15.  You can download the APK from here.  http://www.cloudtv.bz/articles/detail/23/

16.  Under the FREE CHANNELS section, it has a lot of TV Shows.  So, now you no need to buy subscriptions also can watch a lot TV shows.  What you do is once you like the Channel, and it is fast, you can press the menu button to Bookmark the channel.  This is the App I used to cut the cord (Cable TV). 

17.  Look at all the channels… (some of these are paid channels).  The speed of the channels are pretty good.  Some channels are SD and most are HD.  These are a collection of Live TV Streaming.  And a lot of International Channels are there.  They even have RTM TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV, 八度空间 from Malaysia.






  1. My Xiaomi box said full and cannot update or install new apk.
    Pls help to resolve this problem.

    I already uninstalled many unwanted apk but still same problem

  2. Anyone had any luck running Cloud TV on the google Nexus player? I can sideload it and it runs except it keeps giving me the message that hardware decoding is not available and playback is very spotty.

  3. Anyone had any luck running Cloud TV on the google Nexus player? I can sideload it and it runs except it keeps giving me the message that hardware decoding is not available and playback is very spotty.

  4. Many apps in my 10moons tv box was automatically deleted from the system and now I can't watch any movie on my tv box. There was a message in Chinese saying they need to follow the rules by Chinese gov for copy right issue etc. anyone has the same problem? How to solve this?

  5. Hi Sir,I'm using XiaoMi Mini but for no reason my YouTube apps can't watch live stream anymore.Anybody out there know how to solve this problem? Also I like to watch Thailand Channel 3,5&7.Does anybody had try any Thai TV apps before which is compatible with the XiaoMi Mini.Please advice.Thanks

  6. Hi there,

    I'm using a VQ box and used your link on sideloading for windows. it worked well for shafa apk, but didn't work anymore – always get an adb device offline message, and now my shafa launcher states that my adb wireless is off. would you know how to fix this please?



  7. Hi, Anywhere to download foxnews.com apk for Mi Box? The apk avail on internet is for mobilephones and not for android TV using remote.

    Pls advise on download link.


  8. Hi Ken,

    Juz to add..the link u provided for cloudTV running on Xiaomi is no longer there – got “404 – file not found” msg. Wld appr any updates where I can download cloud for Xiaomi box firmware 1.3.111

  9. Hi Ken

    The current version of Shafa market is 4.6.0. I installed it on my Mi Box 3 and also the shafa butler. Version is also 4.6.0 The apps also cannot play most of the streaming videos. Looks like they are completely blocked. My question – should I be using one of the older versions of shafa market & butler to pick up the cracked versions of the streaming apps? If not, do u have the individual cracked apks on your link for us to copy. Thks

  10. Chasing for free apps to watch AXTRO program always ended in frustration. Either paid a one time fee android tv box to watch AXTRO for LIFE but channels no longer available after a week or more, or free apps not working all of sudden. If this sounds familiar to you, there is a long term solution, buy a paid subscription based apk for a very low price. Guaranteed LIVE channel availability. There are some good free and reliable APKs to watch English and Chinese movies I can recommend. Email to dboxkl@gmail.com for more details.

    One thing that I cannot get from Xiaomi box, is the Google Play Store (not to play or download games, but it was required for one darn good APK for English movies and series). Tried all sorts of recommendation but sadly none of them works (for my case). Thus I moved to other standard Android TV box which free from Xiaomi locality control.

  11. Mike, Shafa Market is a good place for free apps to watch tv programs. But with Xiaomi box, your luck of using those apps from Shafa will be very slim because Xiaomi box blocked it if you are outside china. No problem if you use other android tv box besides Xiaomi, YunOS or Turbo Box

  12. The earlier thread that Ken provided for the cracked version of Shafa butler also no longer available. Any chance you know where is the new link for it now?
    I also discovered within CloudTV, the celestial movies app cannot connect. Anyone knows how I could fix this?

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