Taiwan Vacation – 乐透 Lotto (Day 3 & Day 6)

Date:  Dec 9, 2013

When you are touring Taiwan, one of the things you could do is to blend into the culture and buy toto.

IMG 4467

It is 85 Millions.

IMG 4471

Uncle, you choose one for me, and the rest computer generate.

IMG 4466

Yeah!  I won 9th price.  Shawn hit 5th price.  And the tour guides also win about $400.

IMG 4468

All six vans stop opposite to buy lotto.

IMG 4469

So, we did that again.

IMG 5393

This time is 100Million.  And I got three tickets won 9-10th price.

IMG 5394

Are you sure it is so easy to win?

According to the tour guides, we are very lucky group of people and they were all surprise that we won a few tickets.

What a fun!

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