Golf Adventure Camp & His New Golf Clubs

Date:  Nov 20, 2013

It’s school holidays.  

I have organised a few camps for Jay Jay to attend during the school holidays.

This is the first one.  

It’s a Golf Camp plus Adventures camp.


IMG 2148

It is a three days camp.  I think it is a yearly event.

IMG 2144

This time, there are about 16 students attending.  

IMG 2154

With three coaches handling the training for the golf camp.  They are going to have a lot of funs playing golf in the morning, and go on to the adventure trip in the afternoon.  This afternoon, Jay is going to the SAFRA@YiShun Adventure Park.

IMG 2155

 Jay’s coach make a comment about the length of Jay’s pitching wedge.  I almost forgotten that Jay has grown taller and taller.  He is now 134cm.

So, it is time to change his USKids golf clubs.

So, we went to choose a new set for him.

IMG 2198

I bought him a new Cleveland Golf Set.

IMG 2211

Take a look at his old pitching wedge compare to the new pitching wedge (Iron #9).

Look at the length difference?

IMG 2212

So, when he trying to hit the pitching wedge, his body have to lean forward awkwardly.  

So, I think it is a good thing that we change that today.

IMG 2213

Now, look at his new pitching wedge.  At least now, he does not have to lean too forward to the front, and the posture is quite natural. 

IMG 2214

 Let’s try swing the club, and it looks good.

Here you can see his new plastic belt too.  Nice or not nice.  Wahahahaha

IMG 2210

What’s in the bag?

An 18 degree Driver.  I think Jay can use it as a 3 wood.  

IMG 2215

Wow, he has a 22 degree utility wood.

IMG 2217

7 iron and 9 iron.  He does not have pitching wedge, so, the 9 iron will be served as pitching wedge.

IMG 2221

A quite decent sand wedge.  56 degree.

IMG 2219

A smaller putter.

IMG 2218

After we bought the new golf clubs, I bring him to hit some balls and try out the new golf set.

The feeling is pretty good.

IMG 2171

Of course, in his bag, he also has his reliable Cobra Amp.  The 14.5 degree driver.


And he also practise hitting some balls using the driver.

IMG 2194

 Check it out.  He hits about 10 shots, and most of the shots are good.

He hit this shots over that circle with the red flag.  That is almost 85 meter from here.  And if you add the 15-20% golf range ball deficiency, He can hits over 100 meter now with his driver.  That should give a scare to his mother.  Wahahahahaha.  Our aim is to beat his mommy.

Back to today’s schedule.  I think the Golf Adventure camp is quite organised.

When Jay Jay come back today, he keeps on talking about the adventure park, the canopy walk. 


Screen Shot 2013 11 20 at 7 14 59 pm

This is what they do today.  (the lower one).  


That is quite awesome for Jay.  He did that exactly 1 year ago with his K2 buddies at Bedok.  This year, he did it again in SAFRA@Yushun.


 He also mentioning about the putting, the pitching training and the hit the driver contest.

He is looking forward for tomorrow program where he is going to River Safari tomorrow.  And on the third day, they are going to visit S.E.A Aquarium.  

If you look at the golf programs, it is also quite interesting.  So the coaches are covering almost everything in three days.  And they add in a lot of small little fun games for them to play and compete.  These are golfers under SICC training program.  So, I am glad that Jay Jay can join in and perform well too.  

The coach look at Jay’s swinging today, and advise him that he should change to use the baseball grip.  Or the 10 fingers grip.  So, Jay Jay listen to him.  And as what you have seen in the above videos, his swing is really improving with a more firm baseball grip.  I like.  

So, I may re-considering to put him under SICC training program.  I can see that he really likes this golf game.  

And he made a new friend too today.  Matthew from the same school in Pei Tong Primary School.  Matthew is in P2 at present.   

Screen Shot 2013 11 20 at 7 15 08 pm

Screen Shot 2013 11 20 at 7 15 17 pm

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