Health: What is Free Radicals?

Date: Sep 25, 2013

This is a collection bookmark of what I wish to learn about Free Radicals.

After watching a few of these, I now understand what is Free Radicals, which exist in the environment, and our body systems. Pollution has lots of things to do with it. It is bad, and it cause illness.

And the cure is to take lots of anti-oxidants to neutralise it.

What is Free Radicals?


This doctor uses layman term to explain Free Radicals.


I love all these test.  It simply shows how the supplement pill helps in solving your anti-oxidant problem.


More products are tested.  Take note, the video is produced of course by some “superior” supplement.  So, whether it is true, is for you to believe.  HaHaHa.  But if you take multiple supplements, so you can do your own simple test.  HaHaHaHa.  So, just watch those portion that they explain what is Free Radical, and how supplement can help.


Then, they use Banana to do the testing.  Got to love these test.  Simple and you can do it for yourself.


This guy selling for his product.  But he explained a few things well too.


The patented Biophotonic Scanner is one of the method to determine how much anti-oxidant level you have in your body.  This is the one I am taking since last October until know.


Last year, october, I got mine scanned.  And I scored a way below average scores.

IMG 1448

Yesterday, I went to get mine scanned again.  And I have become much better with whatever I am eating now.  I feel great, and have not got flu for almost a year, and I know my anti-oxidant is increasing.  Yeah!  Let’s try to increase more.

IMG 8153

More coming…

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