Cool Gadget: 3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku

Date:  Sep 14, 2013

My latest gadget arrived from Amazon/Borderlinx yesterday.

Yeah!  It is a Mobile & Mini projector from 3M.

IMG 7502

It is small, and cool.

IMG 7504

Yeah!  I can watch TV in my room, by projecting the show on this projector onto the ceiling wall just beside my ceiling fan.  

See Jay Jay very comfortable lying down there watching Thomas.

OK.  Feng Shui not recommending installing a TV inside the room.  So, when I move here, my room purposely has no TV.  But sometimes you really wanted to watch some show, instead of watching it on iPad screen, now, I can watch it on bigger screen and enjoy the show.

IMG 7507

The images is surprisingly HD and very sharp.

IMG 7509

Introducing 3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku.


It is palm size.


Yeah, it is that small.  You can see some menu buttons on it.

IMG 7512

And it uses the Roku stick.  But I am sure I can place the ChromeCast in there too.  But ChromeCast drawing power from the USB port on the stick.  So, it may not work.

For now, let’s use the Roku, and it shall be enough for me.  


Installing the Roku stick is very easy.  Simply stick it into the HDMI port and class the cover.


How small it is?  2″ by 4.2″ heights.  WOW.  That is small and convenient.  And the battery is about 2.5 hour.  Good enough for 1 show.


Here is the packaging.  Very simple and power on and run it.

Of course, you got to setup Roku stick.  Since I have already got a Roku2 before, setting up is easy.  And all my channels are available after I log in to the Roku account.


This is the remote.  No complaint there.  Not as elegant compare to Apple TV.  But good enough.  This is 3M plus Roku control.


Oh ya, at the bottom, standard camera holder can attach here.

IMG 7514

And there is Roku.  Take note, most of these show requires you to re-configure your home router DNS to a US DNS.  Then, you can watch Netflix.  

To understand how to do that…


It is now US$200 for the projector and the Roku stick.  I did not know the mini projector price has gone down so much.

I saw it on some Internet posting that day, and I click on buy.  hahaha

To buy, click below.

Of course, you want a 84″ projection, you can buy this projection screen.  Or if your room has the wall of this size.

I watch two movies yesterday on this.  And it is very enjoying on big screen, and when lying down.  HaHaHaHa.

But I use Plex Media Server at home.  So, all my shows are on my Synology Diskstation.


So, this projector is useful for me to watch high quality HD movie at home.  

Screen Shot 2013 09 14 at 6 57 34 AM

I like it!


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