2 Birdies in a Game

Date:  Aug 1, 2013

I went to golf range on Tuesday where I hit about 150 balls during my son’s golf lesson.

Yesterday, I played with James & my coach at the Island Course.

Today, Mr. Lim asked me if I want to go walk the Bukit course, and I say “Yes!”.

It was a good day.  The sky looks a bit scary from the down town, but the wind blows those dark clouds to the south.

This will be my first time using the automatic trolley on a course.

IMG 5045

And this will be the first time, I am playing on the Bukit course.  Scenery looks amazing.

IMG 5043

I think next time, I will be like my friend here, carry the golf bag on the shoulder.  When I get fitter.  hahaha

IMG 5046

Hole Number #9.

Mr. Lim tee-off the ball to the far left of the steep slope landing zone.

Mr. Lee tee-off the ball even far left of the steep slope.

I had a perfect tee-off, one of the best tee-off on that day, and hit it to the right centre.  

I have 125m left, but the slope is all the way to the green.  

So, I took out a 6 iron, and hit the perfect shot to the edge of the green.  

It was a red pin.  So, I have about 10 ft left to work on.  And I got plenty of time to look at the line, and the slope of the green.

There, I hit it, and it went in.  Two on and one putt.


A moment of joy.  This is my first birdie in so many years.  Say 12 years?  

Last birdie shot is at Desaru, one of the par 3, where I hit it into the sand bunker, and when I get the ball out of the sand, it went into the hole.  

IMG 5050

What is this?  A par 3 but it is 203m long.  Wow.  So long.

IMG 5052

After walking for so many holes, my legs are tired.  No joke!

Hole #17.  I miss read the distance.  I thought I was playing a white tee.  118m to the green, par 3.  

Elevation is about 10-15m below.  So, I bring a PW to play 2 clubs under.  

When I walk up to the tee box, I saw it is 122m.  Sigh.

What can I do, tired… and lazy to go down and get #9 iron.

So, I told myself, bo-chap, just hit 110%.  hahaha

So, I did, and the ball land just 5 ft from the green, and about 20 ft away from the pin.  

This is where I chip the ball.  I had a quick look, and practice the swing at least 4 times.

Then, I chip.

The ball land on the perfect place, and start rolling down the slope.  And then, it breaks and turn and go into the hole.

Another birdie.

IMG 5053

Wow, this is the first time I had 2 birdies in a game.  

Another joyful moment.

Later on last hole, I hit 3 bad shots.  3 good shots.  6 on to the green, and one putt in.  Double boogie.

A new course – Bukit.

Never play here before.

Playing blue tee.  Every hole seems so long.

I “double-boogie” all the way… looks like it.

But at the end of first nigh a birdie, and on #17 another birdie.

Joy Joy Joy!

IMG 5055

So, my conclusion…

You really need to practice practice and practice in order to do well on the course.

You really need to keep on playing playing and playing on the course to get good scores.

So, for me, I can do it.  It is just a matter of confidence and practice.

Yet another milestones for me.

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