Bangkok: Bussaracum – A fine Dinning

Date:  June 30, 2013

When you travel with kids, it is hard to eat at a very nice restaurant.  But in this trip, we did it once.  Thanks to our tour guide, we have a chance to eat at this restaurant, Bussaracum.  He said, this is a fine dinning place, where they have excellent thai food, but at the half price of Blue Elephants.  I don’t think I have ever eaten at Blue Elephants before.  So I do not know what is Thai Fine Dinning, except the one in Tanglin Mall.  

IMG 3581

This is the restaurant.

IMG 3556

This is their signature dish.

IMG 3559

In no time, every one sapu all the food.  But the main point is to look at the plate made of banana leafs.  Nice.

IMG 3569

This is appetiser.  Very very nice.  Taste like nasi lemak samba, but have lots of neat little things inside.

IMG 3557

The salad is server this way.  This is north east thailand – isshan food.  The salad sauce is very nice.

IMG 3570

The rice cookies for the kids.

IMG 3560

Kay Kay is eating.  Good.  Got to make sure of that.  And he is sitting by himself with Jay Jay at the children table.

IMG 3562

This is the signature dish we just saw.  All taste very nice and unique.

IMG 3563

Before they prepare our tom yam soup.  They let every one taste a bit of the soup.  So we can decide what to do, add more salt?  less spicy?  etc etc.  Mine is just fine.  and the Tom Yam Soup is really nice.

IMG 3564

Let’s check out the kids, there are talking to each other, playing and laughing.  And the food are served there too.

IMG 3566

At the adult table, all food almost arrived.

IMG 3578

Pamelo salad.  Quite spicy.  

IMG 3571

This is squid I think.  But I love the two little eggs there.

IMG 3572

This is green curry eating with the rice noodles there.

IMG 3573

I love this giant prawn rice noodles… very nice.

IMG 3574

the rice noodles.

IMG 3575

The three eggs salad.  Hmmmm… interesting prawn salad.

IMG 3576

We have the rendand too.  Together with some roti prats.

IMG 3577

Let’s check out the kids.  There are still happy.

IMG 3568

Lastlly we ordered 5 desserts.  This mango sticky rice is not as good as the one I had in Sompong. But it is OK.

IMG 3582

This is nice.

IMG 3583

So, all of us had a very satisfy meal.  The bill come up slightly lesser than 10,000 Baht.  4 Family splits the bill.  Each family pay 2,500 baht.  So, it is about SGD$115 for each family.  We have 16 people (inclusive of tour guide where we invited him to join us, and 7 kids).  It is a wonderful treat, and we had one of the most delicious meals.

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