Taipei Zoo – What else?

Date: June 5, 2013

Welcome to Taipei Zoo.

You can see pandas here.

What else you can see?

This is one of the chimney. And they painted a giraffe on it. Cute.

There is a Children Zoo inside Taipei Zoo. It is a learning place for kids.

There are lots of things for kids to play.

My wife surname is 黄, and her astrology animal sign is 牛 (Ox), so that makes her….

The kids were visiting the zoo and learn a lot of things.

There is an old train here too.

Koala bear.

Tiger… You dont see this in Singapore Zoo. You can see white tiger but not Bengal.

Yes. You can see Bengal Tiger.

And you can see it at very close range too.

You can see from the outdoor gate. Also there is a viewing window you can see.


Grey elephants.

Very nice elephant.


Taipei Zoo is really big. And one thing I like about the zoo is there is always a lot of table and chairs for you to sit down and rest.

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