Sungei Buloh Wet Lands & Lim Chu Kang Excursion 2013

Date:  May 24, 2013

Happy Wesak Day!

It’s a long week end for the kids.

What shall we do?

Let’s go to Sungei Buloh Wetlands.

So, all the parents from Jay Jay’s K2 classmates quickly exchange a few Whatsapp, and there we decided to go for a walk in Sungei Buloh.  We end up with 19 kids show up yesterday, along with their parents.  🙂

IMG 2020

It’s been a long time since we last were here.  I remember, I have to carry both of them too.  

The weather is a bit gloomy but we completed one of the trail without the rain.


Got to say sorry to the professional photographers and bird watchers on that day.  Because 19 kids gathered together can be a very noisy bunch.  So, whenever you see all the birds flew away, and lots of chit chatting, yup, that is the 19 kids taking loudly at the Sungei Buloh Wetlands.


It is not a long walk, but it should be fun!

IMG 1957

There are quite a few things to learn.  OK… look ever there, that is JB.  Johor Bahru.


We come here for walk and bird watching too.  Here is a nice kingfisher.


The kids climb 4-5 storey high tower, and stop half way for a snack break.

IMG 1961

A monitor lizard sticking his head out from the water…


You also can see all kinds of weird weird kind of insects.  This is a water skater?


I think Kay Kay’s last visit is when he is less than 2 years old.


Beware!  There is really crocodile here at the Wetlands.


Bird watcher society started to show people the birds far far away.  Hey, I also can see it and take picture with my Sony Super Zoom camera.  hahaha Not bad at all.  Here is a bird which is very far away.  It is a small white dots with human eyes.


We end up with taking a great group photos.  (This is not the group photos).  But we are organising every one to stand together to take photos.


There you go… A nice group photos by Chester.  Wow, we have exactly 39 people in this excursion.  (1 not in photos).  Do you know that if you have a group of 40, you will need to register with NParks.

981946 10151752783523268 883430609 o

Since it is a holiday yesterday.  Some of the parents continue on with the Lim Chu Kang visiting.  The first stop is Hays Goat Farm.  Some of the kids never saw the goat milking before, they watch it with amaze.

IMG 1964

Of course, you cannot leave there without grabbing a bottle of goat milk.

IMG 1967

Next, we went next door to feed the Koi fishes.

IMG 1968

OK.  May be is a big mistake to give one box of fish food for every kids.  We got 12 kids here.  So, we end up seeing a lot of fish food floating in the pond. HaHaHaHa 


The kids create their own laughter feeding the fishes.


Come let’s see who can throw the farther?


The koi fish later end up eating too full.  They not interested in food any more.  hahaha


Sitting on a swing is a must.  You see lesser of this kind of swing in Singapore.

IMG 1973

There is nice restaurant in D’Kranji Farm Resort.  I been there 4-5 years ago, when I hold my sales meeting there during my Mediaring days.  And it is still there.  So, we shall eat there.  

The kids all eating in the same table.  We ordered fried rice, fried bee hoon, sweet sour pork, Fuyong eggs, prawn paste chicken wings, tofu for the kids table.  And the kids must be very hungry!  And they finished all their food.  And because this place is big, so, they end up running around, playing and chit chatting with each other while the adults can quietly enjoys our fantastic food.

IMG 1975

We almost miss ordering this.  This is so good, it is the 招牌菜。

IMG 1978

The bamboo clams is very nice too.

IMG 1980


IMG 1984 2

We have a great fun and a great day.  

Happy Wesak day!

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