Staycation – Festive Hotel @ RWS

Date:  May 4, 2013

May 1 Labour Day is a school holiday, and Apr 30 is mommy birthday.  So, let’s celebrate her birthday in RWS Sentosa.  So, I booked a family room in Festive Hotel.

The kids always loves it when we stay in a hotel in  Singapore.  The last hotel we stayed is MBS.

 IMG 1141

This time, we shall be staying at Festive Hotel.  

IMG 1232

This is because Festive hotel seems to be the only hotel that offers family room (not suite room) with 2-3 beds.  The first thing the kids do is to climb and jump into the upper deck bed.  They seems to love it.

IMG 1142

This is the upper deck bed.  You need to climb a ladder.  It is scary and dangerous to leave your young toddler up there.  So, kids are band from going up without supervision.  HaHaHa

IMG 1146

Of course, one of the main activity is to visit the Ocean restaurant which I have blog earlier.  It is a nice restaurant.

IMG 1159

We also make a trip to cable car and walk the Merlion park.

IMG 1213

Oh ya… Don’t forget to ASK for the goodie bags for your kids.  Thanks Royston’s mommy for the tip.  The receptionist will not give to you automatically.  Not sure why do we need to ask for it.

IMG 1215

Let’s check what is inside the goodie bags.  A fan.

IMG 1214

Kids toothbrush.

IMG 1216

So, it is a lazy night stay at the hotel.

IMG 1217

The TV is that slow response MIO TV.  Slow response means when you hit the TV remote button, you have to wait 0.5s for it to take action, and change the channel.  Cannot take it.  Haha.  Should use Starhub.

IMG 1218

This is the lower deck sofa bed.  OK.  It is a sofa.  And when you turn the seat over, and it becomes a sofa bed.  BUT, half side is “HARD” and the other half side is “SOFT”.  What’s going on here?  It is not actually a real bed.  Try it then you know.

IMG 1219

Here comes some of my comments.

This upper deck bed is nice.  Kids loves it.  But definitely I am not leaving Jay and Kay sleeping there for overnight.  So, I guess daddy has to sleep there.  Now, here comes the problem.  The air con is not directly blowing the cold air here.  So, if you turn the air con temperature up, this area tends to get stuffy.  If you turn down the temperature, the main king size bed will become very cold, and here you get some air.  Some thing wrong with the air circulation design.

IMG 1220

Next, the water pressure is surprisingly weak.  I cannot feel the water pressure.  So, the water coming out from here is slow and small.  A good hotel always gives good water pressure when you take shower.  This is what I always love staying in hotel with such strong water hose.

IMG 1222

Next check this shower area here.  Inside the curtains area, there is nothing here.  Where is the hook?  or where is the glass shelf for you to place your towel?  You pull the curtains away, and you also find no such place for you to place the towels.

IMG 1223

oh… the holder is on the other side, at the toilet area.

IMG 1224

And you have to make your floor wet before you can take your towels.  hahahahahaha Really got design problem.

IMG 1226

And check the holder out, it is very soft type metal, looks pretty cheap.

IMG 1227

So, the staycation stay is OK.  But there are few things that deducts a lot of points.  And definitely not worth the money staying there.  The hotel room is not cheap at all, and I expect it has more features in it.  But it is a bit disappointing.  And after you pay so much for hotel, it does not come with free breakfast.  hahaha @#!$^T!@#$%!@^

So, next day, we went to the concierge and ask.  The concierge said in rude “No, the whole sentosa island has no breakfast else where.  Only the hotel got.  You can only take breakfast in the hotel.”

“Got it”.  We go next door, Hard rock cafe Hotel to take breakfast.  And guess what… We are too early.  7:10am, there is NO BREAKFAST.  The hotel breakfast area only opens at 7:30am.  What is this?

Luckily, Hard Rock Hotel breakfast has a promotion, adult eats at $22, and kids eats at $11.  Otherwise, my disapprove comment will come even more.

IMG 1231

It’s labour day.  So, let’s enjoy a good holiday.

IMG 1251

Took a Sentosa train ride.

IMG 1239

Spot the kids anywhere?

IMG 1233

Take funny photos.

IMG 1243

Don’t suck my head.

IMG 1244

We even pay a visit to Adventure Cove again.  Jay revisit here with his friends.

IMG 1248

It’s Kay Kay first visit.


Surprisingly, he loves the water park.


 This is how Kay Kay enjoy the wave pool.


Jay & his friends.


So, the staycation is overall good, except for a few comments on the hotel.  Next time we will try the other hotel, hopefully is better.  It is the easiest way beside flying overseas, no stress and you get a good fun rest.  May be a bit tired too, but it is all worth it as you are having fun with your kids and family.

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