Taiping Museum

Date:  Apr 1, 2013

Last week, we made a quick visit to Taiping for our first ever Ching Ming to Mommy’s great great parents in Taiping.

Before we leave Taiping, we took a quick spin in Taiping Museum.

Before we went in, “Are you sure there are things to see inside?”  

Well, every town has some history, and it depends on how you preserve that history and show it out.  So, I must say, Taiping town council did a great job with his Museum.

This is an old train carriage.  Jay & Kay’s grandpa (mommy’s dad) sit in one of these before.

 IMG 0381

It is amazing to see an old train.  So, Jay wanted to touch it.

IMG 0382

He even wanted to take photo with it.  Soon, the security guard’s whistle blowing.   HaHaHa

IMG 0383

Perak is one of the first state to get a railway.  Probably because of the tin it produced.

IMG 0384

Next is the steam engine.

IMG 0386

Of course, made in England.

IMG 0387

Of course, first thing the boys notice is this “Fire Box”.  I don’t even know this is called a fire box where you put coal into the firebox and the fire inside boils the water to produce steam.

IMG 0390

Conquer the fear, touch the snake.  Ah Gong took photo with the snake in front of the statue.

IMG 0399

Kay Kay also wanted to touch it.

IMG 0400

Without fear.  This is a snake.  The kids loves it.

IMG 0404

The famous 28 wheels bicycle.  Jay Jay is just happy to see such a long bicycle.

IMG 0413

Next let’s check out the skeletons.

IMG 0416

Is this elephant or dinosaurs?

IMG 0419

A long Payton and a crocodile.

IMG 0423

What kind of fish is this?

IMG 0431

The museum has two floors, and it is fully air con.  It is quite impressive.

IMG 0433

It has more stuff to see here.  The kids also learning lots of cultures stuff from there.

IMG 0434

This is one huge 毽子.

IMG 0435

Then, the second floor are the pre-historic time artefacts.

IMG 0437

A dragon sculpture.  Malaysia got dragon?  Hmmm….

IMG 0439

Not too bad, the museum in different era.

IMG 0440

The museum visit is cool.

IMG 0441

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