Feng Shui: Snake Year 2013 Feng Shui for My Home

Date:  Feb 4, 2013

I am not a Feng Shui master.  But I do read enough on my own to do my own Feng Shui judgement.  This is my view on Feng Shui (click below link).  I think I am not superstitious but I do carry “宁可信其有,不可信其无” attitude.




Disclaimers:  Only read this blog if you feel comfortable to read.  For whatever reason, or religious reason that if you don’t like the content, please skip to the next blog.  I got a lot of other friends likes to read it.  Always think about the logic, and not blindly follow the Feng Shui.  Create your own “Natural Feng Shui” or “Common Sense Feng Shui”.  Be yourself!

This is last year Feng Shui.





Re-energizing the old Feng Shui remedies, enhancers and cures.  These are the things I bought for many years, and as long as it is still in good condition, you basically can re-use it whenever you can for this year.  However, the “Chi” in these Feng Shui enhancer may be got exhausted by last year battling with the negative energies, so, it is time to re-energise it.

IMG 6753

1.  To do so, first, you need to wash these Feng Shui cure using Sea Salt and clean water.  Ok, sea salt is the more natural salt compare to chemical salt.  It has less impurities.  Make sense?  As for water, I used the Diamond Water (filtered water) which filter the impurities away but yet keep the minerals in the water.

IMG 6749

2.  Then, rinse it.  And use a clean cloth to wipe it dry.  And then, put it under the sun to dry and re-energised.  You normally do this before the Chinese New Year comes.  Best before Feb 4, 2013 this year.  Of course, It was drizzling in the morning.  But in the afternoon, I saw a bit of sun light coming out, I put all of them under the sun.  Well, even Superman or Ultraman needs to 晒太阳 in order to re-energise.  So, this definitely make sense.  🙂

IMG 6751

Flying Star Chart

You need the Flying Star Chart to guide you what to put and where to put.

Every year, I got two guides.  Basically is the same Flying Star chart, but different recommendations of cures and enhancers.

This one is front he HoFS Feng Shui shop down at the basement of Great World City.

IMG 6792

And this one is from WOFS (Lilian Too) Feng Shui shop down at Vivo City.

IMG 6829


Feng Shui Shop Staff

When you speak to the staffs at the Feng Shui shop, please make sure that the staff is actually know about Feng Shui.  A friend of mine bought a Wind Chimes to protect the Centre – Five Yellow (五黄).  The sales girl actually told her that she can hang the wind chime and people can walk underneath.  

So, she got confused.  Because I asked her not to allow people to walk under the wind chime.

Well, if you think about it, and use some common sense, this wind chimes is to portends a negative energy, would it be good to walk underneath or sit underneath?  My answer is NO.  Because the negative energy could be “shooting” towards you when you walk under it.

So, you have to use your own judgement to determine if it is OK to buy that cure or enhancer.  Also, you have to judge if the sales guy really knows Feng Shui or not.  If not, you may be in trouble by putting the wrong thing and put it wrong place.  🙂

Sometimes there is no right or wrong.  But go with the solution that brings inner peace to you.  Means, listen to what your heart wants and do the thing that you think it is OK and right.  If after you do it, and it does not gives you peace, and always think about whether is right or wrong, remove it.  Feng Shui is about 看得顺不顺眼.  🙂

In my case, I hang the wind chimes against the wall, and so to make sure no body is around it.  

IMG 6777


No. 2  Afflicted Illness Star (Southwest)

Almost every year, I go for the illness star.  Protecting my home from this lousy star.  So, this year, it is afflicting the southwest corner of the house.  So, I am glad that it is at the corner where we don’t actually sit or gather around so often at home.  It is at the entrance display cabinet there.

IMG 6810

So, make sure you don’t have people sitting there, gathering there all the time.  Also try to make that location to be as clean as possible.  Think about it, less dust less illness.

IMG 6789

So, there are four things I put there.  Three new cures and and old one.

1.  Hulu wind chimes.  Remember, the wind chimes is to stick to the wall, but not hanging so that people can sit or walk under it.  As long as it has the Hulu symbol, it always means a cure for sickness or illness.

2.  Hulu vase with a long bamboo stick, with low level of water.  

3.  Ruyi of Safety.

4.  Ruyi.  (old)

IMG 6778

OK.  I am not sure why the water level has to be low.  But I will try to explain it with my own thoughts.  This location is for the sickness star.  So, water is an enhancer.  But life is important is this sector.  So, if you keep a bamboo here to have a life here, and yet, you keep the water level low so that it is enough water for the bamboo to survive but it does not enhance the whatever sickness germs or virus to be living there.  To me, it make some sense.

By the way, I ask the sales girl to give me the bamboo.  Actually this bamboo is selected to place in their shop for display, in the exact same vase.  So, I told the sales girl, I want the bamboo.  Since I bought enough thing, and earn her the commissions, so, she gave me the bamboo.  So, a shop owned by Feng Shui master, select the bamboo, and I got it transfer to my home.  Hmmm… That got to be good and auspicious.

IMG 6757

Still have not decide whether to put this Ruyi in the car or at the southwest location of the home.  For now, let’s leave it at home.

IMG 6774


No. 5 Five Yellow Mis-fortune Star (Centre of the Home)

After placing the cures for sickness star, the next is to cure for Five Yellow.

IMG 6764

Every year, I display something to protect from this misfortune star.

IMG 6787

So, the answer is this very powerful 5-element Pagoda display.  

IMG 6806

I have an old 5-Element Pagoda.  So, I need to energise it!

1.  First step is to clean it.

IMG 6765

2.  Then, look for a plant that is very healthy.

IMG 6767

3.  Take some soil from this home, and place it inside the pagoda.  Yes.  The pagoda can be opened.

IMG 6768

4.  No need to fill up all and pack it.  Just a little to be a symbol of your healthy and wealthy home.  So, it will protect you from the mis-fortune star.

IMG 6769

This year, I got myself a new pagoda too.

IMG 6770

It is called Tree of Life Pagoda.  So, this Pagoda will try to transform the mis-fortune into opportunities.

IMG 6763


No. 7 Violent Star or Broken Army Star (West)

I re-use my Blue Rhinoceros & Elephant display here.

IMG 6809

This is to prevent you from burglary or any bad injuries.

IMG 6790

Since it is to protect from burglary, both Rhino and Elephant should face the entrance door.

IMG 6794


No. 3 Conflict Star or Argumentative Star (East)

This is where my study room is.  So, got to make sure this study room is quiet and people can study here.

IMG 6815

So, I don’t like any of these cures.  So, I found something just perfect to place it here.

IMG 6784

Something red, something crystal.  This is my Red Crystal Apple to be place in my study room.

IMG 6779

One more thing.

East is also housing the Three Killings who is afflicting this location.  So, it is best to have the 三合 to protect this location, facing the East.

“Avoid disturbing this East sector with the rituals of ground-breaking or renovations during the year.  Aggravating this energies can cause loss, mishaps, accidents and health issues.  Do not sit with the East behind you in 2013.

IMG 6830


No. 6 Favourable Heaven Star (Northwest)

After fixing all the misfortune bad stars, it is time to enhance the good stars.

IMG 6808

I am glad that many of my old stuffs can be used here.  In fact, all three of them are enhancers previously bought. So, simply wash, soak in sea salt, and then, reenergise it will do.

IMG 6791

I am placing here the 

1) 6 Smooth Blessing Coins

2) Dragonhead Tortoise

IMG 6802

3) Wealth gathered bowl 聚宝盆

IMG 6803

Of course you have to clean all the treasures inside the bowl too.  And energise it.

IMG 6800


No.  8  Auspicious Wealth Star (North East)

This part of my my living room is quite empty.  So, I decided to activate this star.

IMG 6814

OK.  May of the enhancers can be reuse too.

IMG 6785

So, I moved my Dragon Tiger water feature here.  I will use it as a water feature to enhance the Auspicious Wealth Star here.  Of course, I have checked, Snake’s enemy is Boar.  So, there is no boar, in the water feature, no conflict.

IMG 6798

This could be one of the expensive Liu-Li (Colored Crystal) that I bought.  But I love it.  It is actually a display set in HoFS.  Again, I asked the Sales Girl to sell me the display set, instead of others.  I looked thru all of the other set, I don’t like.  I like this one, the blue continuos blue color within the Liu Li.  At first, she does not want, then, I am the customer, and her boss is not around, so, I won, I got this back.

IMG 6773

This is the Flow of Fortune.  I did not put it on my study desk.  Because I most of the time do work in office.  But I most of the time run outside for sales call.  So, also seldom in office.  So, I decided to place it at home, where I likely spent more time in the living room, playing and teaching the kids and relaxing on the sofa.

IMG 6772


No. 4  Romance & Scholastic Star (South East)

This is to enhance Academic result.

IMG 6816

And also Romance and relationship luck too.

IMG 6783

So, the only thing I place at the moment temporary here is the Academic Globe where I placed in my son’s study room (East) last year.

Ignore the Dart Vadar.  🙂

IMG 6801


The rest…

This year is interesting.   We got Lucky White Star at the North.

IMG 6813

North is my balcony.  So, I don’t think I want to place anything there.  As it has lots of plants and water is every where twice a day.  I think it is a good activation already in this location.  Life will enhance this place.

IMG 6788

As for the the South.  Which is my Main entrance Which is South facing.  There is also lucky star here.  I think I need to buy something here to keep it well lit.  Not sure what to buy yet.  As there don’t have sun, so, cannot buy solar powered lamp.  

IMG 6811

I will need to think of something to activate both South and North.

IMG 6786



OK.  I look one more round, and I decided to move the red apple crystal and 3 killings animals down to the table.  Previously, I place it on top of my Apple Extreme router.  🙂

IMG 6831

OK.  You need to walk one round in your home, and then, look at all the enhancers, fixes, cures that you have placed.  Ask yourself is it too intrusive?  Is it nice?  Does it make you always think about it regarding its locations?

If everything is OK, and when you come home from outside, and did not notice too much on these, then, it is blend into your home, and you should be OK with it this year.



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