Cook with Ken: A CNY Reunion Dinner 2013

Date:  Feb 3, 2013

This year CNY is special for our family.

1)  Jay Jay is 7 years old, and he is in P1 now.  What this mean is, we can no longer take “unlimited” day off during CNY.  The school start on the 4th day, and we got to be back for Jay Jay’s school.  Otherwise, need to “apply leave” from the principal office.

2)  Because of that, we will be going back to Setiawan 2-3 days earlier.  So, that Friday afternoon, after Jay Jay and Kay Kay celebrate their school CNY party in their school, we will start driving back to Setiawan, and will be in time to have reunion dinner with my in-laws.  This shall be a first.  🙂

3)  Because of that, we will be pushing my family reunion dinner a week earlier.  Which is on Feb 2, 2013 Saturday night.  

4)  Because of that, we have a chance of having all the sisters and brother siblings gathered together once again for CNY reunion dinner (although is 1 week earlier) for the first time in 25 years, since I went to Canada on 1989.  Although from time to time, all the 4 families gathered for dinner or lunch, but for CNY, this shall be the first.  Most of the years, my sisters celebrate CNY reunion in their in laws place.  So, I can’t recall we ever have 4 of us having reunion dinner ever since 1989.  Cool!

IMG 9817

So, yesterday, at my place, we cooked the following dishes …

1)  盆菜 x2 big bowl since we have 21 people in our family.  My mom lucky to have a dozen grand children.

IMG 6662

Of course, after so many round of practising during the last 2 months, every body enjoys the Pen Cai very very much.

IMG 6683

And of course, the ingredients got to be tip top too.

IMG 6655

Let’s cook it!

IMG 6665

2)  Yu Sheng.  How can we not 捞鱼生 during CNY reunion dinner.  The salmon is from Sakura fish market at West Coast Park.

IMG 6679

满地黄金!Plenty of gold this year.  And 年年有鱼.

IMG 6681

3)  Garlic Steam Roasted Chicken 薑蒜蒸烤烘鸡.  Special featured here..

IMG 6677

I must say, the chicken is really good!  Tasty and spicy.

IMG 6676

4)  猪脚米粉 Braised Pork Leg Bee Hoon.  We cooked this using the iCook wok.  No need to fried, just 闷 (braised).  Cool!  It goes very very well with the Pen Cai potent gravy.

IMG 6642

5)  Steam Fresh Flower Crabs.

IMG 6614

6)  Steam Fresh Big Prawns.

7)  Steam Fresh La-La Clams.

IMG 6666

Now, here is a big tip.  Do you know that how to make all the la-la clams to open their big mouth and vomit all the sands out?  Throw in 1-2 chilli padi.  Remember, do not put salt.  The la-la clam is a sea products.  So, it is salty by nature.

IMG 6667

8)  Kueh Pai Tee?  Huh?  CNY reunion dinner?  My wife great idea.  🙂  Not too bad.

IMG 6673

9)  猪脚醋 Vinegar Pork Leg.

10) Steam Groupa.  Here is my big steam fish.  1KG big.

IMG 6690

Want to make the steam fish soup sweet.  Place the la-la clams underneath.

IMG 6691

Like this.

IMG 6693

Tomatoes.  Gingers.  Chinese Wine.  Soya Sauce.  Salt.  Thats allt he ingredient need for a fresh steam fish.  Arghhhh… I forgot all about the tofu.

IMG 6692

Wait now.  1KG.  Better cut into half in the middle, and lie flat facing up.  Not side way.  So to have a fully cooked fish.


IMG 6696

11)  虾枣.

12)  Chicken nuggest for the kids.

13)  [Backup dish]  Char Siew, Roasted duck and Roasted pork.

14)  [Backup dish]  Pan fried Wagyu Steak.

Let’s start to 捞鱼生.


The chef push out the dishes one by one at a rate of 5-10 minutes per dish.


This is tok panjang.  A long table.  Combine all the table together.  And place all the food on it.  

IMG 6686

After dinner.  The siblings all sit down and watch TV.  Chit Chatting, and enjoying the family time.

IMG 6698

 Let’s gather up for a 全家福!

IMG 9815

What are they doing on my bed!


Oh… Playing Monopoly.  My Monopoly.  The cousins first time seeing such high tech Monopoly.


OK.  Now, funny face.

IMG 9818

Happy Chinese New Year 2013.

 IMG 5168

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