Another Great Badminton Sunday!

Date:  Jan 27, 2013

After Taekwondo class, we always had a quick and nice lunch and then we head to Clementi Sport Hall to play badminton.  Jay Jay is in his third week since he first learn how to play the game.  So far, he is enjoying it.  


His buddy – Lukas has very good ball sense.  He can hit almost any shuttlecock head for him.


So, me and Riandy’s daddy help to play with the kids.


Jay Jay tries to jump and return a shot.


From nothing to now can hit the shuttlecock, I think it is a good achievement.


So, the more practice he has, the more confident he shall be when hitting the shuttlecock.


Well, of course, the great thing is while the kids resting, taking break, drinking water, the parents can play for a while.  Although it is just a short 15-20min, it is great workout.  I actually feel quite exhausted after returning the shots from Riandy’s daddy.  Wow.. Indonesian player very powerful la.  hahahaha


Another buddy of theirs – Conrad join in the fun.


So, badminton is now one of the family sport.  🙂


IMG 5168

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