Save Electricity – Save Earth (with Aztech S-Plug)

Date:  Jan 16, 2013

I bought this Aztech S-Plug since PC Show until now then I open it and install.  S-Plug is a magic plug that will cut off power when you off the TV.

Why do we need to do so?  Well, sometimes, if you don’t really watching the TV, and you leave the TV on standby mode, it generates a lot of heat, waste a lot of electricity, and your machines will easily spoil too.  Even if all the appliances are on standby mode, it actually still eat up quite some electricity too.  

IMG 6207

So, it looks like this.  You plug this into the wall jack.  And you plug the extension cords here.  Whatever behind this plug, power will be totally cut off when there is no need to use the TV.

IMG 6208

The S-Plug is connected to a infra-red sensor.  This is to learn and sense the ON-OFF switch of the TV remote control.

IMG 6209

This is how you should install the S-Plug.


The installation is pretty simple.  Step 1.  Re-arrange your power plugs.  Put the extension cord behind the S-Plug.

IMG 6212

Step 2.  Is to teach the infra-red sensor to learn the ON-OFF switch from your TV remote control.  Then, with the TV off, learn the stand-by power load.

IMG 6213

Step 3.  Test it out!  And It works!

IMG 6214

 The below video demonstrate that when I press the TV remote control OFF… within 30 seconds, all the power got cut off.  When I turn the TV ON again, all the appliances has power again.  Quite Cool! 

Here is the down side.

1.  Turn on off the appliances don’t know whether it will shorten their life or not.  🙂

2.  The Starhub box takes time to reboot.  So, you don’t have the instant on feeling.

3.  It switch off my Wifi Access point too.  So, I will need to move this off S-Plug.

Let’s try it for a few days and see how every one likes it.  Do they like to wait a minute of less to watch TV?





  1. Hi

    In the beginning, as recorded. It acts like that. Later, I required to turn on my TV separately again. Means click remote two times. I also don't know why. But I am happy with it, my wife is happy with it, as she can be part of saving earth. My kids is trained and happy with it.


  2. Seriously quite redundant and is meant for lazy folks… I rather walk a bit, bend a little and stretch out to manually power off the switches.

    Electrical devices are best powered off verses cutting the power. Try doing this on your media NAS with this thingy and see what happens in the long run…haha

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