LWPS Christmas Party at My Place & 盆菜 Cooking

Date:  Dec 22, 2012

Today was really a happy day for Jay Jay.  19 of his classmates and siblings is coming to our home to celebrate Christmas.  It is also a major re-union event for the kids since K2 graduations.  Well, together with their parents, and including us, there will be 46 people in this apartment.  It shall be the biggest party that I have ever hosted in this apartment.

Our kids Christmas party is somewhat very “Cina”.  It is a potluck event, but we have Acar, Penang Laksa, Sour Veggie Soup, and the host is cooking Pen Cai (盆菜).  HaHaHa


The even shoot live video on how to make the 盆菜.  HaHaHa….  That’s me, the wok and my ingredient.

IMG 4979

For those who is interested, this is the FULL list of the ingredient I used. 

IMG 4976

And here is the ORDER of how I place the ingredients into the big wok.

1.  White radish.  (白萝卜).  You can get it from anywhere.  Cut into cubes.

2.  Carrots (红萝卜).  Cut into cubes.

3.  Pumpkins (金瓜).  Cut into cubes.

4.  Chinese Ham (火腿).  You can buy this from China town, or from Tiong Bahru market, there is this shop that sell Chinese sausages, 腊肠.

5.  Dark Liver sausages (鸭肠).  From the same store @ Tiong Bahru, you buy this.

6.  Fatt Choy (发菜).  From the same store @ Tiong Bahru, you buy this.  Usually you cannot get it from the major Chinese herb stores.  It is a regulated item.

7.  Dried Oysters (蚝干).  From the same store @ Tiong Bahru.  Ask for Japanese one, it is bigger and better.  Soak for 30 minutes.

8.  Dried Scallop (干贝).  I got this from Japan Hokkaido.  Which is fresh and cheap.  Soak for 30 minutes.

9.  Cabbage (白菜).  Those long long one (not like a ball type).  Cut into smaller pieces.  (like the photo above).

10.  腐竹皮 (Tofu Skin).  From Tofu stall.

11.  Leeks.  Cut into small chunk.

12.  Tou Gua (白豆腐干).  Cut into small cubes.  From Tofu stall.

13.  Dou Pok (Friend Tofu skin).  From Tofu stall.

14.  Fish maw.  I buy from the Yong Tau Fu stall in the market.  I replace it with 猪脚筋.  Usually fish maw need to soak for half a day.

15.  Sea Cucumber.  Bought from Yong Tau Fu stall.  They already soak it for you.

16.  史云生 Chicken Stocks.  Get this from any Supermarket.  It is in a can.  But you only uses about 3-4 spoonful of stocks.  

17.  Golden Mushroom (金针菇). 

18.  Dried Mushroom.  Buy those Japanese one.  Soak for a while.

19.  Siu-bak/Siu-Yok (烧肉).

20.  Roasted Duck leg (烧鸭脚).  

21.  Century eggs (皮蛋).

22.  Braised Abalone (红烧鲍鱼 in a can).

22.  Normal Abalone (鲍鱼 in a can).  Those soak in water one.

23.  Big sea prawns.  I usually buy from stall 123 @ Tiong Bahru.

24.  Abalone or Oyster sauces.

25.  Wolfberries.  枸橘子.

This is the basic list of ingredients.  So, if you want to add any ingredients, by all means.  Such as 鸭舌,鹅掌, etc.

IMG 4946

So, layer by layer, you stuff the ingredients in order into the wok.  And then, you start a small fire on the stove, and slowly cook and simmer it for 1 hour. IMPORTANT.  I am using a wok I recently bought from Amway, called iCook.  This is a special work with technology that I could not explain how it works.  But the result of the cooking is greatly improved.  And I love the technology.  At the moment, only using this wok for me, then, the bottom will not burn.  I am sure there are similar technology out there.

Screen Shot 2012 12 23 at 6 56 13 AM

To learn more about iCook.  Here is the link.  http://www.amway2u.com/miniweb/icook/index_en_US.jsp

So, what you do, is just stuff nicely all the ingredients into the wok.  And that’s it!  Cover it, cook with slow fire for 1 hour.  That’s simple.

IMG 4981

One hour later, you open the wok cover, you have yourself a cooked nice tasty Pen Cai (盆菜).  And yes, my son’s friends parents become the Guinea pig to taste this pot of 盆菜.  And the result is really good, the taste is good.  So, I have decided to cook this same dish today in my Christmas Party with my high school classmates and schoolmates.  Because it is easy to cook and won’t make a mess in the kitchen.

IMG 4989

Every parents spent a lot of time preparing for the party.  We got Acar.

IMG 4943

We got Sour Veggie Soup.

IMG 4958

We got rendang.

IMG 4961

Roasted Pork.  One spicy and one non.  It taste like Siu-Bak.

IMG 4965

We got two different types of pasta.

IMG 4973

Early bird comes can take steam clams.

IMG 4977

by 7PM, the turkey is almost ready.

IMG 4982

I serve some Fried Chicken Backside and Steam some lady fingers too.

IMG 4986

We also have already made rending, potato salads.

IMG 4987

Satey, Chicken Wings, Pastas, etc.


Not to forget the healthy chicken nuggets using Air Fryer.

IMG 4952

The Christmas log cake, looks like a melted trees.

IMG 4997

And tonight, we drank all these wines and Sake and some beers.

IMG 5014

For the kids, there are goodie bags prepared by one of the parents.

IMG 4969

The host also prepare the “Goodie House”.


And the Christmas tree is ready too.  So, let’s bring in the guests.


Lovely flowers…

IMG 4964

All the 21 children happily sit on the kids corner eating their nuggets and pasta.

IMG 4988

Some kids playing in the playroom.

IMG 4995

The iPad corners.


It is amazing that we fit 46 people here.  hahaha


Parents corner.

IMG 4993

Parents eating the delicious food prepared by each other.

IMG 4991

This is ice cream corner.


Some watching Soccer on the TV.  Singapore won in overall scores.


What?  Thailand 1 – Singapore 0.  How can Singapore won?


Because Singapore won the last game in Singapore 3-1.


IMG 5007

Jay Jay and his classmates will remember this day, where all of them having lots of fun in this place.  We also have more chats with other parents now we are planning for next few gathering for the kids.  We even talking about Club Meds now, where we put the kids there, and we play golf and do massage.  hahaha

IMG 4974

Merry Christmas!

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